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How To Get The Bedroom of the Future

Dear Gorgeous Individual,

When most people think about incorporating technology into their homes, the last place they think of is their bedrooms. Technology seems noisy and cold and annoying to have in your sleep sanctuary, but there are some innovative products out there that not only make the bedroom more cozy and inviting, they also allow you to do exactly what you’re supposed to do in the bedroom. Which is, of course, to be as lazy as humanly possible. Below are our picks for tech that will bring your bedroom back to the future.

1. Light Alarm Clock, $249.99

I hate the sound of alarms. It’s the worst thing to wake up to. Especially that stupid iPhone alarm that sounds like a fire truck. Why would anyone ever choose that tone to wake them up? A more natural way to wake up is this light up alarm clock, which uses slowly brightening light to coax you out of bed.

2. Learning Thermostat from Nest, $249

When I saw this thermostat it was love at first sight. Like me, it’s both smart and beautiful. You can program it from your phone so that you know your bedroom will be nice and toasty when you get home from the opera. In time, it learns your patterns and predicts when you need heating and cooling. It’s like the boyfriend you never had, someone that actually paid enough attention to make sure your bedroom was the perfect temperature at all times.

3. Lamp Dimmer/Extension/On Off Switch, $8.50

There is nothing worse than settling down to read, getting super tired, and then having to get out of bed to turn off the light that’s right next to you. One item I’ve used over and over for clients is this dimmer which allows them to dim plug-in sconces (or bedside tables) without getting out of bed. This also allows you to control the lighting in your bedroom, where it’s often nice to have soft, dimmed light rather than harsh bright light. We used this glamorous dimmer at our client’s house a while ago and it worked out super well. And we got to swag the chain in a totally fun and attractive way.



4. Motorized Drapery Rod, $129.99

This glorious invention allows you to wake up and use a remote control to open the drapes and let the sun shine in. Not only will you not have to move a muscle, you’ll also feel like one of the Jetsons. Which is really the best feeling in the world.

5. JBL OnBeat aWake Wireless Speaker, $139.00

Nothing gets you in the mood (to sleep) like a nice, soothing song. Thus, having a convenient way to play music on a high quality speaker is a must for the bedroom. Who knows, it might also entice your husband and/or wife … to sleep. Another positive outcome is you can use this baby as an alarm clock, so if the aforementioned light emitting alarm doesn’t work, you can wake up to the sounds of Tegan and Sara screaming about rejection (or whatever song you choose).

6. Sleep Machine iPhone App, Free

I get insomnia like nobody’s business. As soon as I lay down I think about everything at once. Did I remember to email that client? What is Michelle Obama doing right now? What would happen if Lindsay Lohan ran into Amanda Bynes at a club? What clubs are hot right now? Why do people go to clubs? How come everyone from the ’90s incarnation of “The Mickey Mouse Club” got so famous? Is it wrong for liking Justin Timberlake now that his hair is straight? And so so on. One thing that helps to drown out the super annoying sound of my own internal voice is this app for my iPhone. It plays all sorts of different soothing noises and, for the most part, distracts me from my worries about work and my musings about celebrity culture.

legget and platt adjustable bed

7. Adjustable Bed, Legget and Platt

You know what’s relaxing? Laying down. You know what’s not? Sit ups. So if you want to stay relaxed while sitting up, why not try an adjustable bed? Adjustable beds also help if you like to watch TV in bed, or if your husband likes to put on fashion shows for you while he gets ready for work.

Now go forth, America! And implement some technology into your bedroom. It will increase your ability to relax while allowing you to be totally lazy and amazing. Wheee!


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