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House updates and insanity …

Y’all …..

Its all going down. The house has to be finished and styled for a huge shoot that starts monday (three days from now). And when I say finished I mean that we have so much to do its insane. Lets go through the list:

1. Wallpaper is going up today (custom designed and trigger pulled just two days ago).

2. The huge custom bookcase is being painted today (that’s right, we refinished it and then I just hated it – you may as well call me ‘Mrs. Hemmoraging Money’). Will it be dry enough to put things on by Sunday? We’ll see ….

3. The upper kitchen cabinets might be getting painted tomorrow (the wood is just so heavy).

4. The lower cabinets are getting refinished today and the hardware put on.

5. All of the appliances and a few rugs are arriving.

6. The pendants, chandeliers and all the electrical work are being installed tomorrow.

7. The guest room feature wall is a hilarious disaster so that needs to be repainted.

8. The curtains/shades are being installed today.

9. Plus all art has to be hung (and one by Nike Schroeder is still being finished), cushions are coming back from the upholsterer, a ton of furniture needs to be picked up, and every room has to be styled including bedding, bookcases, kitchen, flowers …every single thing …  I need to do some serious shopping.

We are cutting it VERY, VERY close.

I’m constantly reminding myself that there is absolutely a reason that you hire a designer to do all of this. Just managing it is a full-time job, let alone making every decision (and managing every mistake).  I can’t wait to tell you about the mistakes. Normally I can’t really talk about them because if there are any (THERE ALWAYS ARE) I don’t want the clients to read about it and get bummed or worse. But since I’m the client I can dish and dish.

Plus everything else has to be managed (book, blog, clients, and press stuff).

Talking about how busy you are is so boring and redundant, I realize – because really EVERYONE is busy.  So i’m sorry. But this week was virtually unmanageable and at one point I felt on the verge of a tiny little mental break.  How do you know you are having a mini breakdown? Maybe because you are texting and emailing your assistants and 1am and wondering why they aren’t responding. I kinda lost it for one night. Thank god for Ginny, Brady and this week Karley and Emily. Everyone was totally indispensable.

Meanwhile I weaned sir Charles (well, he pretty much weaned himself but lets here it for no more pumping!!!!!!!) and I think I’m battling a bit of hormonal wackiness; feeling REALLY on edge, sad and irritable.  Poor Brian.

But this weekend is going to be so much fun because I’ve pretty much forced everyone I know to come over and help with the house. I’m picturing us all just rocking out to music while painting walls, hanging art and fluffing pillows, although I don’t think it will go down quite like that. If any of you are in LA and want to give an extra hand let me know.  This duvet is not going to stuff itself.

Oh and I might start a juice cleanse to try to lose 5 of my 10 persistent lbs before I’m on camera on Tuesday. I’m sure that’s going to help with my mood issues ….

Meanwhile i’m just trying to keep it all in perspective. Nobody is unhealthy, and this little guy couldn’t be happier.  Plus I had a good hair day yesterday; all good things with equal importance.

Wish us luck!



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