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'House of the Year' Dining Room Makeover

In case you are just showing up to the game (welcome, readers!) I’m documenting a house I designed with Country Living Magazine for the August issue. Click here to get up to speed on the overall concept, the bedroom makeover, the kitchen makeover, and the bathroom makeover. This week I’ll finish it out with the living room makeover and all the mistakes/behind the scenes stuff that you are just dying to see.

But for today … it’s the dining room, folks. And here we are when I first saw the house:

Welcome to the Dining Room ‘before, ‘ in the middle of winter in a house with no heat. The dining room used to be on the other side of the room because this space used to be a tiny bedroom. But we got rid of that bad boy and opened up the whole room.

country living house of the year

The whole space got reconfigured obviously, with the goal to keep it open, inviting, and able to provide more entertaining and hang out area. 1, 000 square feet isn’t a ton to play with but it can feel big if it’s laid out the right way.

We loved the idea of using a banquet and we also wanted to continue a circle motif throughout the room so I was psyched when we found this vintage Saarinen dining table to use in the space. I actually just got a new one from DWR and I can’t believe how much I love it.  The proportions and lines of the base are just so classic and beautiful and the knockoffs just don’t do this guy justice.

country dining room
photography by Alec Hemer, styled by Cindy Diprima

The dining chairs are from our sponsor, Cost Plus, and they reminded me of a little more Asian-inspired Wishbone Chairs. The banquet is probably my favorite place to sit in the entire house because you have the view of the whole space which is just so open and happy, and you have the luxury of a dining height table but with the comfort of a sofa. I would work so hard here.

aqua dining room
photography by Alec Hemer, styled by Cindy Diprima

We used that vintage refrigerator to kinda divide the space between the living room and the dining room. It acts as an architectural piece but since it doesn’t have a ton of ‘visual weight’ (aka, since it has so much glass and we filled it with pretty glassware) it doesn’t bulk of the space too much.

Kinda dying to have some cronuts in this nook, although I promise to never mutter the word/trend ‘cronut’ again. So, what do y’all think?

country dining room

Resources: Settee $449.99 World Market. Mirror: $449.99 Chairs $139.99 (but we painted them Oasis blue by Benjamin Moore). Pendant light $79.99 Sololite lighting. Saarinen table. Canvas. Pillows ABC Carpet and Home. Vintage fridge. Glassware from a variety of vintage sources.


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