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Holiday Special. Lets party in the dining room.

Holiday special is re-airing on Wednesday (december 7th) at 1pm.  RECORD IT MY FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS!!!

First off:  the wall color is ‘totally teal’ i believe by Glidden.  Second off, it wasn’t clear on the holiday special about the big ‘oops’ with the living room wall color – the contractor switched them and painted the living room the dark teal on accident – it looked like a huge teal cave.  You should have seen the look on my face when i came to set that morning.  Cameras weren’t up yet, but i sincerely regret them not having that on camera.

 I literally dropped what i was carrying (luckily not an infant) and stood speechless for what felt like forever.  Then I grabbed my phone (hands shaking) and scrolled through my text messages to Chris with the paint instructions PRAYING that it wasnt’ my fault.  Indeed it wasn’t my fault – he read the text wrong, and poor Chris, had to have his guys repaint the entire living room from the dark teal to the light blue.  It was a very expensive mistake and i thank god wasnt mine (i have made my share, trust me)

But i love this color in the dining room. Dining rooms can be dark because you want to be all cozy and warm and inviting – think of your favorite restaurants.  Not that you don’t want your living room to be that way, but not when its that big.  And not when it teal.  

So lets talk tabletop.  Placemats are West Elm, dinner plates and salad plates are Z Gallerie, gold glasses and stemware are Z gallerie, all the votives are West Elm and the vase is West Elm.  

Gotta run…in New York starting a great new house redesign – no, not for the show, for real people.  So i’m busy and shopping and pinteresting like a crazy person. 


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