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Holiday Gift Guide is LIVE, and to celebrate i'm having an extra tuesday and Wednesday giveaway.

If you have trouble seeing it above, go to this link:
She’s alive folks
The massive Holiday Gift Guide is up and running for the next two months,
til January 1st.
Such a  big day for the blog today.  I mean, we (and by we i mean, Creative Director/blogger,  Lana, Art Director/blogger,  Lindsay, overall amazing dude/assistant and blogger,  Orlando, and stellar new interns, Whitney and Bonnie) have all been working our little tooshes off on this thing the last two months.  Here’s what it is:  tons and tons of gift recommendations – for her, him, dad, mom, boss, tween, kid, pet, etc.  PLUS tons of original content from a bunch of extremely smart, witty, talented, funny, creative and diverse bloggers.  
Check out the list:
There is holiday DIY, entertaining tips and behind the scenes of the Holiday Special for HGTV that i filmed (i’ll announce the date as soon as they give it to me – you better watch it, i’m serious, that’s all i want for christmas).
But mostly its a gift guide. Over 400 gifts handpicked.  A lot of big companies you’ll know and a lot from etsy (these grab asap because they are all handmade so there are guaranteed to be 20 but maybe not that much more of them).
In case you aren’t familiar with this format, its basically a virtual magazine, and you can click on ANYTHING and have it link to the product or store that it came from – then purchase it.  Boom, holiday shopping dunzo.  
Of course i learned a ton and when we do this again it will already be massively improved on, but i kinda can’t believe how good it looks all together.  (This is thanks to mainly Lana and Lindsay – this is Lana’s baby and Lindsay designed the entire thing – extremely impressive).
Meanwhile to celebrate this holiday guide as well as just good wallpaper in general, Hygge and West is doing a special giveaway today on my blog, Oh Joy and Ally from From the Right Bank.  
Rules: Each person has three chances to win. To enter they just have to answer the question below in the comments of your post (and can answer the other 2 questions by Joy and Ally on and for 2 more chances.
The giveaway ends at midnight on Nov 3 when we’ll pick one random winner from each blog.  We will contact the winners, and they’ll be able to pick any three rolls of H&W wallpaper that they’d like. And stop by their blog blog, Picnics Under the Moon (www.picnicsunderthemoon, com), we’ll be giving away some of our favorite bird items from here,  and launching some new colorways of our very first wallpaper design, Daydream, but Julia Rothman.

The question: The closest translation for the Danish word hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is cozy, but it means so much more than that.  It means surrounding yourself with people and things you love, deeply appreciating what you have in the present, and finding joy in the smallest of moments. We want to learn more about and be inspired by the hygge in other people’s life, so in the comments have your readers tell you/us about what makes their home joyful and cozy?

In case you need some convincing, here is a pic of Joy’s wallpaper i did for Secrets from Hygge and West:
It’s still seriously my favorite wallpaper i’ve ever used and i would kill for three free rolls.  And yes, i think there is a cat underneath the coffee table.  
SPEAKING OF GIVEAWAYS!!!! There are 5 giveaways listed at the end of the guide- so make sure to read all the way through and click the giveaway items to enter!  


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