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hipstamatic. why was this kept a secret from me?


I discovered hipstamatic this week.  welcome to 7 moths ago, I know (thanks, Eric). Its kinda awesome, but totally gimmicky and i’m sure we’ll all be sick of it soon, if not already.  We, in the photo world, joke that ‘everyone’ is a ‘photographer’ or a ‘stylist’ these days (a good camera might take good photographs, but it does not make a good photographer) and these kind of apps are not helping any.   (but i’m kinda  a good photographer, no?)


Here are some behind the scenes pics of the last day of my Pendleton shoot.  Maryalice’s vision was  Mad-Men-in-Portland.  Pendleton’s clothes are so classic and conservative so she thought that putting them in a throwback Americana environment would highlight the clothes, while making them more relevent and current.  And I think she is totally right.
So my job was to find wallcoverings, furniture, books, objects etc that are MidCentury, but more American than European and more classic, simply beautiful and timeless rather than kitch.  I shopped only in Portland for the job (which has amazing stores, but there were times when I missed a good old fashion prop house because today i’m returning all the rented props to like 25 stores).

Hey, Jose, por que mira triste? (translation needed because Jose Martinez actually doesn’t speak spanish, much to my confusion. I think i just said ‘why look sad? but i could’ve just said ‘you look burrito’).  So we had 4 different sets. I called this set the ‘grey’ set, because it is grey.  I painted two 4×8 sheets of plywood with 3 different tones of paint to create a, well this effect, that actually photographed beautifully (via Maryalice’s art direction to me).  We decided that this world would be a newspaper office (its easier to prop when you create a ‘world’ with characters, and then you ask yourself while shopping, ‘would this live in her world?’ I recommend not saying this out loud).  
(that patterned wallpaper behind the grey set is another set, but i can’t give all of it away, sign up for the catalogue, yo)
just a few of the other props as a teaser:

Such a fun job. I can’t wait for the catalogue to come out, in early july, I think…
p.s. these are the bearded mexicans.  donning pendleton shirts, of course.  and while they do look like domestic terrorists, they are actually friendly (friendly might be a bit strong, maybe just ‘not domestic terrorists’ is more appropriate.)  Oh, and not mexican.  I have no idea why we call them that. 


Pat, Eric and Anton.  Really, Eric? that’s your face?



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