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Hey y'all, I'm going to Round Top antique fair tomorrow, COME!!

So i hate it when people brag about their lives online. I do.  I get slightly annoyed with the ‘i’m so lucky i have the best husband’ posts.  It’s not that i’m anti being grateful, quite the opposite, actually. I just know that a lot of people out there don’t have the same fortune so it can potentially bum people out, which bums me out.  

HOWEVER, i’m going to brag for one second about my job in the guise of inviting you to join me:

HGTV is sending me to the Round Top Antique Fair for the weekend….you know ‘work’.  In case you all wonder whether or not HGTV is good to me, know this:  YES.  THEY.  ARE.  Straight up:  YES.  And not just because they fly me to Texas to shop and meet antique dealers, but it certainly doesn’t EXACTLY hurt.


If you are planning on going, PLEASE say ‘hi’.  I actually love talking to people who love the show or blog or my boots or what i do in general. It makes me feel really good on my insides.  Its a new show, i’m a new host so hearing that people feel positively about either or both makes me sleep better at night.

 I get so many emails from people who almost said ‘hi’ but didn’t want to ‘bug’ me, and i’m telling you right now, YOU WILL NEVER BUG ME, BECAUSE ITS A TOTAL PLEASURE TO TALK TO PEOPLE WHO ARE NICE AND WHO APPRECIATE THAT I WORK 70 HOURS A WEEK ON SOMETHING I’M OBSESSED WITH.  woah, didn’t mean to yell, just want to get the point across.  

BUT, If you come up to me and tell me that you think i should get my snaggletooth fixed, then i will cut you. I have miniature scissors in my miniature purse at all times.

So if you were planning on going, or if you live nearby and needed some enticement, come to Round Top and say ‘hi’. I’ll be there with HGTV as well as the stars of a new show coming out that is going to be dope called ‘Junk Sisters’.

Lets hang out.  But don’t steal my miniatures, i’m going to get some serious loot this weekend.  I need a worn leather club chair for my man cave.  Cup holder not included.




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