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hello there. i'm emily. and this is my blog. welcome.

Ah. 2010 here you are. I figured this would happen. And being the new years resolution person that I am, I’m raring to go. In fact I purposefully hit rock bottom last week, so I could be all the more disgusted with my 2009 self and make radical changes in 2010. Here they are:

1. start a blog. boom. that one’s already done. this is easy.
2. be positive, about everything, not delusional, just positive.
3. get skinny and rich.
So the first one is all wrapped up. Thank god I didn’t resolve to actually keep a blog. And i’m already feeling really positive about the 3rd one, so that is a good start on the 2nd. Oh, and about that 3rd one, before you start judging, I live in LA now and that’s how we talk. and really it’s just a concise way of saying ‘get into shape’ and ‘be more fulfilled professionally’. No worries, there will be no binging and purging, or hooking of myself; i hate the taste of my own bile, and Brian (the husband) is picky about who i sleep with. Just good old fashion yoga and salads; marketing and hard work. Boring, I know.
a few more….
4. keep my car clean. I’m a prop stylist so this is EXTREMELY difficult. I often look homeless.
5. eye cream. I ain’t getting any younger.
6. make the bed every morning. hi, i’m 9 years old.
all pretty doable.

just quickly, a little background: I’m from Portland, Or, went to school at U of O, where I studied comp lit and history and literally retained nothing. Lived in New York for 7 years, assisted the amazing stylist, Cindy DiPrima, married the handsome Brian Henderson, and started my grown up life and career in Prospect Heights. Two years ago we moved to Los Angeles to find the fame and fortune that only Hollywood can offer (Brian is an actor – Hollywood isn’t exactly impressed yet with the prop styling world). So we have sold our souls. But, we now have a dining room….oh, and it seats 10! eat your heart out New Yorkers; now to make 8 friends….
Back to the whole purpose.
Style is all relative, and this will be all about mine. It’s not always perfect, I have made many a style mistake as my college roommates can attest. But instead of me keeping everything in little digital files labeled ‘good bedrooms’ and ‘awesome vase’, I’m gonna post them to the world wide webs – probably illegally, but most likely with better titles.
Let me know what you think.
One more New Years resolution, #7: post daily…er, 5 times a week, with lots of pictures of pretty things, rooms, people, many book/music recommendations, and lots unsolicited lifestyle advice.
Feel free to share it with your friends, family, coworkers and lovers.
I’m tired now. And this picture is of one of my favorite bedrooms ever. It’s quiet and simple, yet I feel like I know that person. and I kinda want to be that person. nunight.



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