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Happy Sunday, with a guest post over at

Happy sunday, folks.  I officially am not going to the flea market and instead staying in to clean my apartment, finish up the holiday guide stuff and catch up on my HGTV from last night. Oh and Dollhouse. I’m way behind on my house, stupidly intimidated installing the electricity.  IT took Corbett 8 hours to do her electrical work and that is daunting.  

All ya’ll who are participating in the ‘I’m A GIant’ Dollhouse redesign competition, who have blogs (or just send pics) leave a comment here with your link and next week (probably tuesday) i’ll do a big update on everybody’s house.  It doesn’t matter what stage you are at, its just fun to see progress.     

But for now, hop over to the HGTV BLOG where i wrote a pretty long recap of my Round Top Weekend, with pictures and everything.  It involves my intense love of Texas, i can’t get enough of that state (the good parts, hello).  And these are my new boyfriends. Brian’s cool with it, he also know they will kick his *ss, so he has to be ok with it.  

We are currently in the middle of season 3 of Friday Night Lights that is certainly NOT helping my addiction to Texas.  My god, that show is good.  TIM RIGGINS!!!!!!



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