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Happy Mother's Day, to both of my moms

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, from your six kids. That’s right SIX KIDS. Thanks for the natural births, piano lessons since we were three, 4-H where we learned to sew our own clothes, and most importantly instilling a moral compass that is at times annoyingly unshakeable.

Here are the six kids without significant others (Brian didn’t get in ’til later that day) at my little sis’s wedding. I don’t know why we posed like that. I’ll go ahead and blame it on our mother for raising us to be total weirdos.

starke family

And there we are with all the little adorable grandkids in tow at our family reunion in Wyoming, two years ago. She now has eight grandkids who adore the heck out of her.

I know I JUST posted this photo (below) last week, but I do love it so much, and my mom looks so pretty and happy in it, with her all matching, dressed-up kids. (I’m the baby on the lap.)

starke family

May I give my children the childhood that I was lucky enough to have thanks to my parents. Thanks Mom, for raising me to be incredibly productive, if not obsessive — I know I got that from her. Meanwhile, I’m not as empathetic, charitable, or as selfless as she is, but I’m hoping that maybe I will be some day. Love you, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to Brian’s mom, Suz. I couldn’t possibly have asked for a better mother-in-law. I’ve been in their family since I was 21 (four years now :)) and couldn’t feel more at home in their home and with them, where I am right now. 🙂

Brian Henderson and parents

Off to brunch where we’ll toast to how wonderfully she (and Bob) raised Brian. I would have married him strictly for his looks and chest hair, but the fact that he is crazy nice, respectful, considerate, and charming is probably all due to his mom, Suz. So thank you. I truly won the parents-in-law lottery. Totally priceless.


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