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Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day, Mom. Thats one of my favorite photos of us as a family, even though we are missing two very special siblings (I’m the baby on the lap). As a new mom on my first ‘Mothers day’ I can’t help but reflect on motherhood and life and babies ….  (and as a new mom, I can’t help but use words like ‘reflect’ now too often, i’m sure).

So two things keep coming to my brain:

1. How lucky we (Brian and I) are to have such incredible moms. I’m talking near-perfect-charmed-life, kinda moms. There are so many people born to situations that are less than awesome in this world, and we somehow just won the gold cup of childhoods and parents. They set us up for a life of good emotional, physical and mental health – not to our credit, but theirs.

emily henderson family

My siblings, parents and grandkids

And 2. How lucky I am to have Charlie and have the opportunity to be a mom. It wasn’t totally easy to get pregnant and even harder to have a successful pregnancy, but nothing compared to so many people. And now that I am a mom, I just feel so tears-dripping-off-my-chin kinda lucky.

Most people say they feel ‘blessed’ instead of ‘lucky’ and while I know that its all semantics and it doesn’t really matter what word you use because they mean the same thing, i’ve always chosen to say ‘lucky’ because i don’t like the idea that for some reason some people might not have been ‘blessed’. If there is a god, (which i’m seriously hoping there is) I like to think that he wasn’t picking purposefully or arbitrarily who he chose to bless or not. But again, its just semantics and words. It doesn’t matter whether I was blessed (thank you, sir, if I was) or lucky, the point is I’m extremely,  incredibly grateful.


So thank you, universe, for my mom, my mother in law and my son. I’m genuinely just just so grateful and can only hope that the examples my moms set for me will influence me enough to be a mom even a fraction as good as you guys were and are.

Happy Mothers day to my amazing mom (6 kids and 9 grandkids with three on the way!), my wonderful mother-in-law, all my friends/sisters that are moms that have given me already years of good advice (including many mistakes to avoid), and anyone that wants to be a mom,  is trying to be a mom or even supports motherhood and parenting through friendship.

The sap is running thick and deep right now and my level of sentimentality is very high, obviously. I’m like a walking Hallmark movie. Sure, it might be the hormones (still raging up and down constantly) or maybe its just the fact that I have really, really good moms in my life. Either way, I, Emily Henderson, am feeling grateful these days.

Happy Mothers day, and to all a good sunday. (AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!)



p.s. thanks Bonnie Tsang for those outtakes of Charlie and I from last weeks shoot for Target. What a lovely thing to get in my inbox.

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