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Happy Monday … From Las Vegas

I’m in Las Vegas, folks. I’m here to speak at World Market (10 a.m. today if you want to spread the word). To kill some time while the world is having fun drinking without me, I decided to organize my photos on my computer instead of reading how Kim Kardashian lost 50 pounds in 40 days as Star Magazine claims she did.

So I found some old photos that I styled that David Tsay shot. I think I’ve posted them, but it’s been years if I did.

dresser in foyer

weiss+3Now, let me be clear: I didn’t design this house. I wish. I simply styled the hell out of it. They were all shot by David Tsay for Coastal Living (the first one for Domino).

Meanwhile being pregnant in Vegas is like being the biggest dog lover in the world, who all of a sudden was told that for nine months you are deathly allergic to dogs; if you dare pet one you will die, and then being stuck in a cage with 100 adorable puppies. My inner party girl is being tortured being here whilst pregnant.

Luckily the hotel room is super nice (The Cosmopolitan) and I’m reading The Fault in Our Stars which is keeping me fairly distracted from the fun that Sin City is offering 14 floors below me. Nothing like terminally ill teenagers falling in love to make me engrossed. If only they were also somehow vampires, supernatural, or post-apocalyptic …

Happy Monday.


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