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by Emily Henderson

I remember this happening with Charlie – the last trimester was the busiest where all clients/projects needed to be wrapped up before I took a step back. You could sense the fear in people’s eyes like ‘we’ve got to get her now or else maybe she’ll retire!!!’. It’s kinda awesome because its making this pregnancy go so much faster and makes any break feel extra deserved. I only have 12 weeks left (and ’12’ sounds like ’10’, ’10’ sounds like ‘2 months’, ‘2 months’ sounds like ‘6 weeks’ and ‘6 weeks’ sounds right around the corner so BASICALLY I’m due tomorrow). Brian and I forced a vacation – one where we bought international tickets, where if we bailed we would be letting a lot of people down (including us), which is kinda what you have to do in order to not cancel and decide to ‘staycation’ instead which is NEVER as satisfying. So we leave on Monday for two weeks – holed up in Spain with our best friends. I’ll tell you more about it, but for now due to the last few weeks of busyness, todays scheduled post was looking/feeling rushed and it’s going to be a good one, so I decided to wait to post. (There are approximately 15 people at my house right now shooting a 6-8 page feature for Good Housekeeping:))

I want you to have an excellent weekend. I’ll be packing, giving this little man attention and stopping myself from watching Unreal (I’m saving it for the plane). You know how I love to marathon bad TV shows so if you guys have any new ones that I don’t know about please let me know. I’m finishing Empire tonight and I might start The Fosters. Can people over the age of 30 watch The Fosters???? The new season of Flipping Out is wonderful, by the way. Anything else that might be addictive? I feel like it’s too late for Scandal for me, and I’ve already rewatched every 90’s or 2000’s teen show possible (WHY ARE THERE NOT ANY NEW GOOD ONES????). Help, please. I have two weeks of sobriety in Spain where I need something to look forward to at night while everybody is downing wine. Don’t make me re-watch Veronica Mars for the 4th time, because I will. UGH, meanwhile I’ll be on the plane during The Bachelorette finale, not sure how they’ll air that without my emotional support as a viewer, and I’m terrified that somehow the internet won’t let me download it in Spain. It might be worth canceling the trip…

Happy Friday. See you Monday with a proper post, and yes! We have actually really great content scheduled while I’m out of town, so don’t worry, its business as usual over here thanks to my incredible crew who is holding down the fort while I’m eating paella.

*Photo by Stephanie Todaro, dress by Liz Lange for Target, Chambray shirt from Madewell (similar). testtest

  1. Happy trails, Emily ! Hope you and your family have a wonderful trip abroad. Enjoy each and every moment!

  2. Have fun on your trip! You deserve it! As for TV shows I recently have been bingeing on Gilmore Girls on Netflix and was surprised to find I love it. Might be worth a try! Also if you haven’t watched How to Get Away with Murder, DO IT!

    1. I second this! HTGAWM is SO GOOD! And you have to watch Scandal, its so worth it!

      1. I agree! Scandal is a necessity.

      2. Yes! How to Get Away With Murder is so good! I just binge-watched all 4 seasons of Scandal and it was worth it… just dive in

    2. It’s never too late for Scandal…

  3. since you love the Bachelor you have to watch Unreal. I’m obsessed. Haven’t loved a show this much in years.

  4. I nominate The Almighty Johnsons, a funny Australian three-season show about Norse gods, their human representatives and the quest to restore their power to earth. It’s partly so funny because it shows how childlike yet lusty the ancient gods were. I gobbled it up!

  5. Its never too late for Scandal. Just watched all of the seasons a month ago. Cannot wait for Fall now! I also loved Justified and Rescue Me. Bit heavy but very engaging. Enjoy the trip!

  6. If you haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars yet, you haven’t lived.

    I also liked The Killing (based in Seattle and obviously filmed in Vancouver- a little taste of the PNW!) and Daredevil on Netflix if you’re in a darker mood whilst in Spain!

    1. I second Pretty Little Liars!! It is the best/worst thing that’s ever happened to me. And by starting from the beginning, you have a zillion episodes to binge on. Apparently it only takes about 90 minutes to film/produce an episode of that show.

      1. I started watching it on Hulu “day after”, then it got yanked and you had to subscribe to ABC Family (cable), which I wasn’t going to do. Apparently I wasn’t alone, it’s back on Hulu (love those guys!) and I’ve now caught up on Season 5 and current on Season 6. My teenagers love the fashion and the pounds of makeup those girls wear. I wonder how it takes so long to finish high school. There’s a distinct style to each of the girls and the homes they live in, so there’s enough to keep someone of legal age entertained. Recommend.

        If you really want to go retro, pick up Alias with Jennifer Garner, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer and get your power back! It’s humbling.

    2. I have binge watched all 6 seasons of Pretty Little Liars in the last 9 days. No shame.

  7. I binged watched all 8 episodes of Togetherness on my long haul last month (thank you HBO!). My heart broke a little bit when I’d polished off all 8 and was only half way through the flight. Excellent light-hearted funniness! Safe travels!

    1. YES! Togetherness is so so so incredibly good. It’s like Married, but the HBO version. I love both shows and I’m so happy Married is back for Season 2. Equally as good is Transparent, also by one of the Duplass brothers (who obviously can do NO WRONG). Happy watching!

      1. oh and SINGLE LADIES – you will die laughing. Sweet, funny, charming, super insanely awkward, awesome 🙂

        1. Togetherness is sad. I would do Transparent from Amazon Prime instead!

  8. Have fun Emily. Scandal is awesome. But if you think you’ve missed too many seasons, you can also try “How to Get Away with Murder”. 🙂

  9. Its never ever ever too late for Scandal!! Do it, you won’t be disappointed!

  10. Hart of Dixie was adorable if you need something. The ending was a little on the cheesy side, but getting there was so good!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Hart of Dixie is a sweet, fun show that I looked forward to each week before it was recently cancelled. Rachel Bilson is adorable, and it’s almost worth watching just to see what she and Jamie King will be wearing!

  11. Have you seen Outlander?

    1. I second this suggestion….but beware, you’ll want the Mr. to start gadding about the house in a kilt.

    2. Outlander the book is even better!

  12. Have a grand time in Spain…..I’ve heard raves about everything from the sights & scenery, to food to the people. Relax and enjoy!

  13. Why aren’t you watching Vampire Diaries and The Originals? If you like teen shows just about anything on CW is fun, but The Originals is really fantastic. I’m over 30 and I still enjoy these shows too. I love Veronica Mars too (I got it from your rec).

  14. Ha ha! You crack me up!

    I still haven’t seen Veronica Mars but been told by many that I would enjoy it.

    Have an amazing time in Spain and think of us while you’re feasting on all the incredible food and wine there.


  15. definitely watch the fosters! i am 45 and love every single episode… although some can get pretty hairy. another fun silly family show is called packed to the rafters. its australian and about a family named the rafters (obviously ;)). enjoy your trip!

  16. Pretty Little Liars!!!! But beware, you’ll be addicted.

  17. It is never too late for Scandal. Just do it. Please. You will thank me. (Really, you’ll just thank Olivia Pope.)

  18. Scandal is really awesome, currently watching on Netflix now. Totally addicting but heavy and dark at times. I binge-watched gossip girl on maternity leave last year. Felt like a teen soap opera, but I loved it anyway!

  19. Scandal! You’re not too late. You’ll never be too late. Plus there’s a whole 4 seasons which will keep you entertained your entire round trip flight!

    Also LOVED The Killing!

  20. They have so many Korean series on Netflix. If you’re into teenage dramas you’ll love Coffee prince or Cunning single lady

    1. I second the vote Korean dramas! Not only are they on netflix, there is a ton on hulu. They are all one season and done, so if you have a long plane ride you can watch the whole run of a show in one go. In addition to “Coffee prince” (it’s about an androgynous looking young woman who gets a job at a all male cafe and falls in love with her boss who thinks she’s a boy) I’d recomend “Lie to me” (about a government official whose lie about being married spins out of control) “You’re beautiful” (about a young nun in training who must impersonate her twin brother who happens to be a member of korea’s most popular boy band) “Boy’s over flowers” (korea’s gossip girl) and “My lovely Sam Soon” (this hit show is about a sarcastic and unlucky in love pastry chef who falls for her boss). Please try some of these, you won’t regret it!

  21. Bloodline on Netflix! Soooo good 🙂

    1. Oh….and “Odd Mom Out” on Bravo is awesome. Having lived in NYC you’ll definitely appreciate it!!

    2. Second Bloodline. Love Kyle Chandler. It’ll go fast, it’s only been one season.

      Since you’re in Spain, if you can get Netflix, try “Gran Hotel” about a turn of the century hotel in the north of Spain (it was built for the King as a retreat from the city, now it’s a public building) run by a ruthless woman with a good for nothing playboy son, beautiful innocent daughter and the scheming manager. When a murder happens among the kitchen staff, the victim’s super cute brother appears and slips into a waiter role to investigate. He and beautiful daughter have a “meet cute” and 3 seasons later there’s a sweet finish to the whole series. Nicely done and the subtitles are surprisingly helpful.

  22. Gilmore Girls and The Good Wife!

  23. Emily – I moved into a new apartment last week and I have been binge watching the ABC Family show Chasing Life while I unpack. It’s not necessarily something I would sit down and commit to watching if I weren’t doing something else, but it may be just what you’re looking for. Have a wonderful trip!

  24. Have fun!

    I have heard mixed reviews on The Fosters, so I haven’t taken the plunge. My recommendations:

    1. Pretty Little Liars
    2 Awkward. (TOTALLY teeny bopper, but I loved it. Plus, episodes are only 22 minutes, so it’s an easy one to put on before bed)
    3. Orphan Black

    And it’s never too late for Scandal!!!!

    2. Awkard. It’s available on

  25. I think I commented these shows on another post? Maybe? Mommy brain!

    The Killing
    Happy Valley
    The Fall with Gillian Anderson
    House of Cards
    Call the Midwife
    Arrested Development

    They are all available on Netflix Canada so I assume they are on Netflix US too?

    Happy travels!

  26. if you have netflix…the witches of east end and bitten are great/terrible fantasy tv series right now. I can’t take anything seriously on them. But I need the next episode STAT always.

    have fun with the family on vacation–!

  27. Oh Yay!!!! I’m so glad you will take a break together! Have fun!
    I LOVED Hart of Dixie – A little cheesy sometimes but super charming, beautiful and funny. I really miss it!

  28. You can totally watch Fosters. I do, and I’m over 30! I also have enjoyed these similar feeling shows: Gilmore Girls, Chasing Life (=20-something finds out she has cancer, it’s more funny than sad), Life Unexpected, Jane by Design… and of course, you have to watch Jane the Virgin if you haven’t already!

    1. Seconding Jane the Virgin! All the out-of-control drama of a telenovella and funny too.

  29. Have you seen ‘Awkward’ on MTV yet? I once stumbled across a marathon and it is surprisingly good! It’s about a sarcastic teenage girl trying to navigate high school. It’s funny and reasonably smart (for MTV).

    I should note that I am a 39 year old mother of two young kids. Not exactly the show’s demographic.

    1. I am a 55 y/o mom of two teens, I am your future. I am watching “Younger” with the brilliant Sutton Foster. After finding out her husband has gambled away all their savings, and her daughter has just enrolled in a year abroad somewhere in India (!), our girl needs a job, but as a 40 y/o housewife from NJ, she’s competing with the likes of Hilary Duff, who also stars, at a publishing house, she finds she’s way out of touch. Her BFF, played by the delightful Debi Mazar, takes her thrift shopping for a younger look, highlights her hair and she passes as a 26 year old, in a job as assistant to the editor, who happens to be her same age. 30 minute episodes, helps me stay on top of things….:)

  30. I like to binge watch Masterpiece Mystery personally…because I’m sophisticated like that (not really). I just finished the first season of Silk whose main character looks uncannily like an older British version of you. Happy travels!

  31. It’s not too late for Scandal. Just do it! I’m about to re-watch it from the beginning for maybe the fourth time…

  32. Watch Hindsight on VH1…it’s 90’s nostalgia at it’s best!

  33. Ditto on Gilmore Girls, I’m almost done and it’s just so charming.
    Also!! Parenthood = Love.

  34. Ditto on the Gilmore Girls’ suggestion, so good!
    And Parenthood = LOVE.

  35. Parenthood! Such a fabulous show. I also endorse Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl.

  36. Have such a great time in Spain! I can’t wait to see all the fabulous pictures!


  37. Is thirty-something available? Best. show. ever. Have an AMAZING trip!!!

  38. Watch ‘Catastrophe’ on Amazon and ‘Scrotal Recall’ on Netflix. I know, I KNOW, but you’ll just have to get past the title on that last one and trust me.

  39. I agree…HTGAWM is excellent. So is House of Cards if you haven’t seen it yet. I’m binge watching it on Netflix right now…

  40. I always get sucked in to Dawson’s Creek whenever it is on! And if you haven’t tried Daniel Tiger with Charlie, he’ll probably love it – might be good on the plane!

  41. Beware, if you use netflix it doesn’t work internationally! I learned that in London and it was a super bummer. It’s linked to your account address, maybe someone knows a work-around?

  42. Just finished season 3 of “Episodes”. SO fun. “You’re the Worst” is hilarious, as is “Married”. “House of Lies” is also excellent – kinda dirty, but fast paced.

  43. I must sheepishly admit that I am currently watching Full House from the beginning! There are a LOT of episodes. However, I am also really big into Suits, and White Collar was a good no brainer for my husband and I!

  44. You can totally watch The Fosters. My 35 year old self does. Also, Catastrophe on Amazon Prime. LOVE. And, I agree with the others, never too late for Scandal. Ohhhh….and since you are a Kyle Chandler fan (FNL forever!) Bloodline on Netflix is great.

  45. It’s definitely not too late for Scandal! Have you watched Hindsight? VH1 where she goes back in time to her twenties in the mid-90’s NYC. You will totally get into it! Enjoy your vacation!!

  46. YES! To the Fosters. I’m 29 and decided that marathoning it a few months ago was a good idea, in my defense, I was a young 28 year old at the time. Everything you mentioned I watch too! I don’t know how you feel about Teen Mom 1 and 2, but you’d love it based on the fact that we watch very similar guilty pleasure TV. So that’s my recommendation, Teen Mom (1 and 2, avoid 3, which got cancelled anyway).

  47. Please, watch orange is the new black or modern family. I live in Spain, enjoy it!

  48. wow, Spain! Did you figure out what do with Charlie on the long flight? Dose him with cough syrup? I kid…

    I might be too old (30) but I’ve been rewatching Clarissa Explains It All on Hulu. They have all the seasons. I had no idea how relevant to the 90s the show really was! Sure, it’s incredibly slow but it’s not cornball like some childhood revisits can be. She references Madonna and Sean Penn, Salt n Peppa, her mom’s crush on John Denver, Echo and the Bunnymen, and just a whole bunch of topical stuff. I don’t think any show today, kid or adult, does that.

    1. P.S. Under the Dome on Amazon Prime is one of those terrible bingeworthy shows. It’s really bad but you just can’t look away!

  49. It is never too late for SCANDAL!! You will love it. As you said Flipping Out and Empire are great. How about Parenthood?
    Have a wonderful time eating paella!

  50. You MUST try pretty little liars!!!! My fav and sooooo addicting.

  51. very very good series: Wentworth (season 1 and 2 available on Netflix)

  52. Definitely “Odd Mom Out” on Bravo! It’s hysterical.

  53. Shout out to Australian show “Offspring” on Hulu. Bonus: whoever costumed the lead should be crowned. PS: I’ve exceeded your VM watch record. PSS: We spend a fair amount of time in MX and Netflix has completely different offerings there.

  54. I thoroughly enjoyed Chasing Life. It’s about a young reporter in Boston who is diagnosed with leukemia. Sounds totally depressing, but it’s a sweet show and wonderfully acted.
    I also loved The Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt, Hart of Dixie, Scandal, and Arrested Development.

    Happy binge watching!

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed Chasing Life. It’s about a young reporter in Boston who is diagnosed with leukemia. Sounds totally depressing, but it’s a sweet show and wonderfully acted.
      I also loved The Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt, Hart of Dixie, Scandal, and Arrested Development.

      Happy binge watching!

      P.S. My Mad Fat Diary is SO SO good. It’s a British comedy-drama. I found episodes on You Tube.

  55. Have a great trip!!! Love, love Spain!! My family is from Galicia! The food is typically a little salty, so a head’s up to you being 6 mo. pregnant. I came back after 3 wks. vacation in Madrid and other places north of there, weighing 10 lbs. more. A lot of it was water weight, I believe, but I did go in December and the bean soups were delicious!! I am a nurse and I just had to tell you, sorry!!
    I can suggest to you a show that I love and that is on WPBT called Poldark!! I believe the last episode is this Sunday @ 9p EST It’s a British, period piece, don’t know if you like those. It’s about 7 or 8 episodes. The lead character, Aidan Turner, is really hot! Enjoy!!!

  56. Have a great vacation!! If you haven’t watched Scandal, you have to!!!!

  57. If you haven’t watched it already, Veronica Mars is AMAZing! Three seasons, plus the movie…definitely good for the plane 🙂

    1. LOOOOVE VM! I’m a total marshmallow.

  58. Awkward.
    Vampire Diaries
    The Killing
    The Fall
    Covert Affairs

  59. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to read (or listen to) a historical fiction book set in the location I’m in. I know it’s not what you asked for but it brings such a unique layer of experience to travel that I had to suggest it. 🙂 I hope you have a relaxing time doing whatever you choose!

  60. I LOVED The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!! Other good ones are Bloodline, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. So so good!

  61. If you’re looking for a good teen drama, I definitely agree that PLL is great! I have also been watching Revenge on Netflix, which has been good so far; if the writing falters I just focus on all of the gorgeous Hamptons decor. ?

  62. huge VM fan! orphan black is excellent if you have not watched it yet. if you’re looking for something fluffier/funnier try pulling (hilarious) and scrotal recall (terrible name but short and sweet series). also the wet hot american summer prequel series is supposed to be available on netflix next week if you like the movie. have a lovely trip!

  63. Have a wonderful trip!

    Not a teen comedy, but guaranteed laughs: Schitt’s Creek, with Eugene and David Levy and Catherine O’Hara.

    1. yes! this was SO good. quirky.
      and yay! for canadian actors!

  64. Orphan Black is amazing.

    Catastrophe is so good and funny.

  65. I’m 31 and love The Fosters. UnReal was the best surprise this tv season. I love Shiri Appleby. I recently rewatched Roswell on Netflix. I assume you already hit OITNB, but you should also watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. Enjoy your tv!

  66. Pretty Little Liars! I watched that during my maternity leave and now I’m hooked.

  67. Welcome to Spain Emily!

  68. Since you’ll be in Spain I highly, highly, highly recommend the Spanish mini-series The Time in Between, free on Hulu with English subtitles. It’s based on an amazing book by Spanish author maria duenas and its set during the Spanish civil war. In addition, I also recommend Tyrant, currently on its second season and The Bridge, which ran for two seasons. Have a wonderful vacation!

  69. Pretty Little Liars! It’s Veronica Mars’ campy, bitchy cousin. So fun, so addictive, so terrible. Over 30 and love it.

  70. I can’t believe no one has mentioned iZombie!! It was created by Rob Thomas (the guy behind Veronica Mars). I dismissed it at first based on the name (I was a little bored with premises focused on zombies, vampires, etc). But it’s charming, witty, and addictive!

    I also second the recommendation for Jane the Virgin! It’s lighthearted and clever, and Gina Rodriguez is completely endearing as the lead.

    (I personally would skip Scandal. I watched it earlier this year and I wish I’d stopped after the first season. Certain character developments felt bizarre and disappointing to me, though I do imagine it’s difficult to create new, shocking plot turns week after week.)

    Seriously, though: please try iZombie!

  71. your taste in tv is the same as mine…I remember you mentioning binge watching Felicity a while back, which I have also done twice. Living in late 90s nyc is my fantasy life–love it!

    No one has mentioned secret life of the American teenager…so bad, yet so good…

  72. I just finished up Graceland on Netflix. Not sure if crime dramas are your thing…Graceland is like if Greys Anatomy was set around solving crime instead of saving lives. You should check it out for your trip!

  73. Emily! That vacation sounds like heaven and well-deserved, might I add. Will we get to hear all about it afterward? Pretty please?

    If you want awful, and I mean truly awful TV, watch Young & Hungry on Netflix. It’s a trite little sitcom about hapless 20-something food blogger who lands a gig as a personal chef for a young San Francisco tech mogul. After being awarded the job, they accidentally sleep together (uh-oh) and hilarity ensues. It has all the tropes of a sitcom mess and, miraculously, has two seasons you can breeze through sin vino.

    Safe trip, happy watching and congratulations on all the busy-ness!

  74. I watch the Fosters and I’m 36. Other garbage/amazing TV: Greek, Damce Academy, Pretty Little Liars, Finding Carter…

  75. Have a great time. My great-grandmother was from Northern Spain and someday I hope to get there. The sights, the food…
    Scandal was good for a few seasons and I must be the only one who thinks it jumped the shark. Pretty Little Liars, Bates Motel and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are on my list. I finally got around to Flight of the Conchords too.

  76. Hey! Have fun on your trip, you deserve it! X


  77. Oh, I love old bad TV. Ed! How can you live without the bowling alley lawyer?? 🙂 Have a great trip

  78. I’m well into my 30’s and Pretty Little Liars is addicting. Seriously. and they’re on netflix. Your husband will hate it. You will love it.
    Mistresses is great too (and more age appropriate but honestly, who cares?)

  79. I could have sworn you just did your baby announcement last month! Where does the time go?! You look so cute with your baby bump and striped dress. Enjoy your trip!!

  80. Try longmire on Netflix. My husband and I are binge watching now. We also enjoyed heartland

    Love your blog! I always learn something and always laugh. Thank you

  81. Hmmmm….lots of good ones! True Detective, Breaking Bad (twisted, but great), Homeland, Ray Donovan, and if you haven’t watched True Blood, then that series should be first on your list!

    Have fun, 🙂

  82. Have a great trip..so jealous! Oh, and I am a “good show” junkie…here are my go-to’s:

    Reality Shows:
    *Southern Charm = Amazing!
    *Below Deck
    *All of the “million dollar listings” (especially NY)
    *Teen Moms/16 & preg.
    and you must watch “Barely Famous”…a VH1 series with David Foster’s daughters spoofing reality shows…kind of. It is HILARIOUS. So good. & they are pretty to look at 😉

    *NASHVILLE!!! In love! The best. Anything with pretty people, drama, & good singing gets me.
    *The Blacklist
    *Chicago Fire
    *Vampire Diaries
    *The Mentalist

  83. I loved Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, White Collar, Californication (it’s pretty much NC17), Melissa & Joey, Young & Hungry, Chuck, Nikita, Regin, Marco Polo (very good and your husband will like it too, it took me a couple episodes to get into, but it ends up being great) Oh and Grace and Frankie the Jane Fonda/Lilly Tomlin original is so funny.

    I’m going to stop there, because I see that I have a problem.

    1. haha i thought I was the only one watching Young and Hungry!!!

  84. Definety Scandal and I was obsessed with Felicity back in the day. Transparent is awesome too.

  85. You are never to late for Scandal! highly addictive b/c it’s SO good

  86. I am pretty sure I spied you giving in person support to the men of The Bachelorette on “The Men Tell All”!

  87. In order to watch Netflix and the American TV apps overseas you will need to download Tunnel Bear https://www.tunnelbear.com to fool your computer into thinking you are in the US. There may be other VPN apps, but this one is great. Bon Voyage!

  88. Traveling (and packing) mercies!

    If you haven’t already, watch the DUFF. Or add it to your list if it’s not out yet 🙂

    XO, Rae

  89. Friday Night Light! Tim Riggins!!!

  90. I highly recommend My Mad Fat Diary. It is a British dramedy about a teenage girl set in – wait for it – the 90s. It is, for all intents and purposes, a new 90s teen angst show. Everything you have ever wanted. And so so well done. Seriously, google it, and you will be overwhelmed by the rave reviews.

    I also echo those who recommended How to Get Away with Murder. It is designed to play out its major mystery each season, while letting the characters grow (with lots of sloppy relationship drama), so really is PERFECT for that quickie binge watch.

    And Younger is a fun new show .

    (I am also totally addicted to Unreal. Lifetime. Who knew??)

  91. You’re adorable! Have fun living it up during these finally weeks in your pregnancy. Third trimester can be super rough but can’t wait to see photos of your beautiful baby girl in the coming months.

  92. I vote for Supernanny (there’s an English version – complete the great accent and no nonsense attitude and an American version), I also go for How to Get Away with Murder and Ballers on HBO. Plenty of cheese!

  93. have a wonderful trip!! had to say, it’s not too late for scandal! i’m watching season 2 and loove it. granted i already watched season 4, so now i’m backtracking but I don’t care. it would be perfect to watch on vacation! also, i know you’re not a fan of pregnancy but you’re a beautiful pregnant lady 🙂

  94. My guilty pleasure is Rookie Blue, it’s like high school in police uniform and I’m hooked on it. Have you watched Vikings? my husband introduced it to me, and I watched all the seasons at ones (I was pregnant and in bed a lot). Have a great trip!!!

  95. Dear Emily,

    I think I am your biggest fan in Spain! I have been reading daily your blog for years.

    I really wish that you will enjoy visiting my country and that you will have a perfect stay.

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  96. Watch Hart of Dixie on Netflix!

  97. You should try Chasing Life!

  98. Unfortunately you won’t be able to watch Netflix, any streaming service, etc… overseas. So make sure what every you want to watch is already download on your iPad/laptop.

    1. Yes, not too late for Scandal. Catastrophe! Only like 6 episodes so it won’t last you very long, but awesome. Battlestar Galactica, it’s really good – you have to start with the 2 hour movie. And agree about Parenthood, you’ll get hooked and you’ll just cry ALL THE TIME.

      1. Sorry, Kaiulani, it looks like I accidentally replied to your post. Didn’t mean to do that!

  99. 1. Vampire Diaries – SO good especially once you get past ~4-5 episodes in season one; then you won’t be able to stop
    2. Pretty Little Liars – another “can’t stop won’t stop” TV show – SO good and so suspenseful

    I have watched Veronica Mars twice now and am an addict of teen shows, apparently.

    Also, I just started Scandal yesterday (I’m only on Season one ep 6 I think) and love it.

  100. Have you watched One Tree Hill? ? very binge worthy.

  101. HOMELAND!!!

  102. Covert Affairs! There are 5 seasons from USA Network. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and have been marathoning these for the last couple weeks. Just started season 3. You will NOT be disappointed! 😉

  103. If you have not watched Burning Love (Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad spoof), you absolutely have to. Directed by Ken Marino, written by his wife, produced by Ben Stiller, great cameos. Michael Ian Black as Chris Harrison- oh it kills me. It is dead on in so many ways and the episodes are ~8-10 min each so each “season” is more like a movie.


  104. Ummm…I’m 31 and I am currently marathoning through the Fosters! Totally acceptable. Although admittedly, if I’m watching it and my windows are open, I make sure to keep the volume on low so that any passers by don’t catch me in the act. Can’t….stop….watching!

  105. Love your blog. Hope you’re having a well earned rest in Spain. I’m in Ireland so don’t know if you can access these TV series but I’d highly recommend The Borgias ( unreal sets and costumes but even better acting and story lines.)

    Vikings is brilliant. Lead man, Travis Fimmel,is gorgeous but besides that those Fjords are breath taking. Great suspense too.

    Peaky Blinders with Cillian Murphy is one of my favourite. It’s got all the ingredients, cool cinematography, suspense, intrigue, romance etc

    Suits – light and easy to watch. I adore the clothes in this !

    Enjoy !

    1. Peaky blinders is soo addictive!

  106. Hi Emily,

    This is embarrassing but did you watch Hart of Dixie? I just finished watching the entire series on Netflix/Hulu and it was pretty addicting. Also, have you seen the Veronica Mars movie? Only a true VM fan would enjoy it…which I did! Logan…whew! Friends and How I Met Your Mother are my go to shows when I can’t find anything else. Oldies but still so good!

    1. Oh yeah, and White Collar. Matt Bomer is everything.

  107. “Jane the Virgin”! It’s hilarious and totally addictive. Also, totally not teen or 90’s but “The Great British Baking Show” (or “Great British Bakeoff” if you live in England) which they aired on PBS this winter is the best!!

  108. Orphan Black. It’s excellent for binge watching.

  109. I just skimmed the comments, but I agree with the Bloodline, House of Cards & Damages recommendations! Happy travels.

  110. Must watch”Rita”,a Danish show. I promise the subtitles will not distract from its goodness (or should I say “badness”)

  111. I just binged on the Good Wife, Parenthood (god i have no life) – and I agree, watch Scandal the first couple seasons are the best anyways I don’t really care about it anymore it comes and goes for me. OMG Pretty Little Liars is so good too! and Mistresses is a fun summer show. I’m also pregnant (27 weeks) so TV’s really all i got. 🙂

  112. Hi Emily,

    Would you mind sharing where you got that clock above your kitchen sink? It is exactly what I’ve been looking for but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Thank you!

  113. Pretty Little Liars, or “PLL” is so good… I’m probably too old for it, but it’s too good for me to care! You’ve gotta watch it and it’s a great one to start at the very beginning. You’ll be addicted.

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