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Happy Friday …

Its been a long week and therefore its going to be a short post. I mean its summer after all …. don’t most companies take ‘summer fridays’ .. methinks yes. My plans … walk and shop with my best friend, write some design posts (I just literally have NO time during the week right now so its all about nights and weekends) and possibly try to get some tone back in my muscles. And the Rose Bowl. Duh.


We’ve been shooting the book everyday which is very fun – it’s really the dream team (with photographer David Tsay shooting and Scott and I double-teaming on the styling front). Plus Sir. Charles has been coming to set which is always VERY fun (for me, at least).



I’ve been on a five-day detox after a very fun (but unhealthy) fourth of July. I’m doing the Chef V 5 day which ends today. I feel good but totally out of energy at the end of the day (thus the lack of post today) and my jeans are fitting only slightly better. The things we do in the name of “health” when really it’s probably just vanity. Fail.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend. And by the way this kid, Charlie, says ‘hi’.


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