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Happy Anniversary, Mr. Henderson

So 10 years ago this happened:

I done fell in love with this guy.  It was our senior year of college, i saw him in a play and i was all, ‘yep, i’ll take him’.  And i did.  For the record his frosted tips were for a play he was in.  He also had blue hair, hair horns (yep all shaved except two big tufts) and a naired chest that year.  Ah, the life of a college actor.

We’ve had two very healthy breakups since then (one at 22 and one at 24 for a year) but five years ago this awesome thing happened:

I mean, how could i not? Have you seen this guy?

Our wedding was pretty much perfect for us.  Neither of us are particularly wedding people so we kept it super, super cheap, no stress and low maintenance.  And i know people say that all the time, but i’m not kidding you, it was the easiest (and in my very, very biased opinion) most fun wedding ever.

Vintage dress on ebay for $60.

Brian and I made the 6 hour playlist (we danced until 2…trust me we are good at playlists).

Mexican taco kiosk for food.  Crystal light, fresh margaritas, beer and wine for drinks.  An $80 white sheet cake with a huge heart made out of raspberries on it for the wedding cake.  A total afterthought, but turned out actually super cute.

It was in Brian’t parents awesome backyard, and a good friend married us.  Easy peasy.

Oh and these were our invitations:

Basically we just printed 100 of the pictures (5×7) then threaded them through a printer at my friends office where it printed directly on them, saying:

‘Hi. We are getting married and we think you should come

Fair Oaks, CA. September 23rd, 2006’.

(sorry, its blurry)

We shoved them inside a kraft paper envelope with a lined index card that had all the relevant info and sent people to a web-site with all the details….wait, i think it was just an email address and we emailed them the details, i don’t remember.

Regardless they were super easy and super cheap (about $1 an invite).

My boss and friend Cindy Diprima did the flowers – because she is amazing and i will forever owe her.  My friend/photographer Gayle Brooker took the pics, and I styled it – but not really. I mean besides collecting pretty jars and buying 60 yards of linen that i then ripped so it frayed and washed like 3 times for the table cloths, there really wasn’t much to ‘style’.  We were on a budget and sometimes not having money to spend actually makes things so much easier. I’m sure that Brian’s parents would differ as there were probably a lot of things they paid for without us knowing, but we really really tried to keep it super cheap.  Thanks parents, again.

We even got the WORST mariachi band from Craigslist to play during cocktail hour.  Two dudes, in costume, for $200 that were worth every penny, because it was hilarious.

I like how i got all these on facebook or just googled myself…..i’m pretty sure all our wedding pics are at our parents.  This one was taken by somebody in the audience, but it makes me happy:

I don’t think it was everybody’s dream wedding, but it sure was ours.  So here’s to 5 years of marriage, Mr. Von Henderson. Happy Anniversary. I’ll skip the mushy stuff, cause we all know what three words come next.

This is us a few weeks ago, in our Labor Day Whites:

OK. Self indulgent/narcissistic post officially over.  Sometimes it just has to happen.

And if you want to see a wedding i actually did style recently, Click Here.



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