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Handmade | Terrariums

… Because who doesn’t love miniature worlds of soil, plants and mystery? Its like having Honey I Shrunk The Kids in your living room. I mean Rick Moranis, that late 80’s teenage romance when teen actors were actually played by teen people? Yuuuuussss.

1. Small Glass Triangle Terrarium  | 2. Brass Geometric Wall Hangers | 3. Miniature Forest Kit | 4. Hanging Glass Globe Terrarium | 5. Glass Terrarium “House”  | 6. Murus Terrarium Kit | 7. Volleyball Terrarium | 8. “little icosahedron” terrarium | 9. Twig Terrarium DIY kit

1. Small Glass Triangle Terrarium  Hand cut and hand soldered by SandHillShores   For a terrarium, its kinda  a man – really dark and serious.

2. Brass Geometric Wall Hangers Set of 3. You don’t even need to put anything in these guys, they are just so pretty and simple. But if you want to put something in, get yourself some air plants that you’ll surely kill and go for it.

3. Miniature Forest Kit Includes all the contents even that mini bonsai tree. Make yourself look more interesting by putting this amazing little world on your shelf. Bonsai trees are so beautiful, but skip the little man with the fishing rod – the tree is sculpture enough.

4. Hanging Glass Globe Terrarium by EGardenStudio. You had me at ‘brass terrarium stand’. I only wish that the hook at the top was square-shaped – I think it would echo the base so well. So that’s my unsolicited advise for this unsuspecting terrarium maker. So rude …

5. Glass Terrarium “House” by BoxWoodTree Pretty, simple, modern and totally lovely. Plant some succulents in there and put it on your dining table. Or even some simple vegetables could create just the most adorable greenhouse in your kitchen window.

6. Murus Terrarium Kit by ABJ Glassworks, the kit includes the terrarium and a muslin pouch with pebbles, activated charcoal and a few suggestions for how to get your terrarium started. It has a leather strap, and therefore its the bad *ss of terrariums. And yes, I realize its lame to asterisk out just one letter of a swear word, but that’s just what this new mom feels like doing these days. So, f*ck, it.

7. Volleyball Terrarium by FaerieNest I believe the scene is tiny nudists playing volleyball, and riddle me this … who do you know wouldn’t be intrigued by someone who owns this? Nudists playing volleyball is super 2015 – i highly suggest hoarding anything having to do with either or both.

8. “little icosahedron” terrarium by BoxWoodTree. It’s the quiet kinda sculpture that I like. Now make it in white and glass and I’d be your best customer/friend.

9. Twig Terrarium DIY kit by Twig and contains everything you need to create your own little populated terrarium. This seems to also have miniature people in it, possibly playing musical instruments. I’m intrigued, but it’s also going a bit Urban Outfitters for me. Now if they were nude and playing volleyball then i’d be more interested.

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