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Good sports art

My little brother is a legend. Ask anybody about Ken Starke and they’ll tell you some crazy story about he came up to Jay-Z at a concert and 20 minutes later is in the Hummer limo with him, listening to his latest tracks, and then later that night he got asked to host a hot air balloon event by, like, Madonna or something.

He’s this massive white dude that makes a statement whereever he goes and is adored by grandmas, babies, and businessmen alike. He and I have nothing in common except for kinda EVERYTHING. You know what I mean. I love flowers and fashion, he loves football and football. I love French bistros, he loves sports bars. Our lifestyles are WILDLY different, but at the same time we have strangely similar personalities — both of us lack editing skills (oh the stories we shouldn’t tell people), neither of us like screwing lids on things (one of Brian’s personal favorite attributes of mine … salad dressing everywhere because he instinctively shakes the bottle.) We are both always down for a good time, love taking inappropriate risks, and are very rarely self-conscious. I used to think I rarely got embarrassed until I hung out with him as an adult and I had no idea what the phrase “lack of shame” means. Needless to say he’s one of my favorite people in the world.

But regarding his interior design style, he needs a girl’s touch. So he and his girlfriend just moved into a house that is awesome, but they have very little art and he has politely requested cool “sports art.”  So that became my mission.

Here are some that I found online that I thought he would love, and she wouldn’t hate.

From top left:

1. “Untitled” by Liz Kuball, 20×200

2. From Curate1K HERE.

3. Baseball  “Untitled” by Don Hammerman, 20×200

4. Vintage photo, but sadly just sold.

5. AH, Vintage again and sold.

6. Jenny O’Dell “125 Stadiums” 20×200

sports art work

1. ‘The Suspension of Physics Necessary for all the Athletic Endeavors” by Colin Blakely. 20×200

2. 20×200

3. “Every Outdoor Basketball Stadium in Manhattan” by Jenny O’Dell.  20×200

4. Clearly, but I can’t find it again for the life of me. Sorry, Ken.

5. This guy is vintage and I really want to buy it, but I can’t seem to figure out where. HELP!

But I’m still on the look-out, Ken. Don’t worry I’ll make sure all your sports fantasies are realized in your grown-up house, if it kills me.

OH, plus I found this one:

Go ducks!



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