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Gold Etsy Finds

I troll on Craigslist and Etsy most nights while i watch TV, always gotta be multi-tasking.  I have the excuse of looking for pieces for clients or my new online vintage store that i’m opening, but mostly its due to the addiction – you know, all the ‘what if’s?’ that are associated with vintage shopping. 

So, here’s a roundup of my favorite vintage gold and white pieces on Etsy right now that one of you should buy.  I’m EXTREMELY tempted by all of them but only might splurge on a couple – unless you beat me to it.  

1. Gold and white doll head mug $75 for 2.  I’ve wanted these for a while, handmade and so beautiful.

2. Gold Vintage French Canisters $44 I have 3 sets of empty canisters so i don’t need these, just love.

3. Vintage gold Ice bucket $18 

4. Gold Swimmer,  $65 It’s awesome, totally worth the splure.  

5. Gold and blue striped glasses $50

6. Gold pendants $148 If this wasn’t $75 to ship i would probably splurge on them.  But its still a good price.

7. Gold and white platter $18 On your nightstand, for your jewelry. Or in your bathroom.

 8. Gold hangers $25 Sure, expensive for hangers, but what if you put your pretty turkish towels on them in your bathroom?

9. Gold bird barware $42 So chic and playful. 

10. Gold tiger $21.99 I haven’t seen a brass tiger before, so i kinda want to jump on this. 

11. Custom brass letters $50 Just when i thought i was over letters this company makes really chic and modern ones.  Any letters any size.  

12. Gold Deco Bavarian Vase $25 You had me at ‘Deco’.

13. Gold and white striped painting $33.56 Very simple, but so pretty for a quiet wall that needs some bling.

14. Gold Porcelain Cloud $58 I’m obsessed with these as wall art.  

15. Gold heart Jewerly Box. Such a pretty sweet gift.  

What other roundups from Etsy or online do you want me to do? Sometimes i’m absolutely out of ideas and i just stare at the computer. I’ll ask Brian and he’ll say, like ‘Rockets or something’.  Not helpful, but cute, which is probably what he’s going for anyway.  

I’ve done pillows, art, lighting, leather furniture….what else can i use my tv time to obsessively troll?  What are those things that you are constantly looking for?


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