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Giveaway: A free trip to the Rose Bowl flea market.

That’s right.  Here’s what you can win:  travel expenses to Los Angeles, 2 night hotel stay, and $250 in cash money to spend at one of the best flea markets in LA.

Plus shopping and lunch with me and my team.

So you may have noticed that I work with Open Sky, an online ‘Expert curated’ shopping site.   And I, Emily Von Henderson, am an expert at finding kinda awesome stuff. The stuff that other people overlook. The stuff that other people say ‘wait, how did you find that i was just there’.  You could call it a ‘gift’ or a ‘talent’, but Brian calls it a ‘problem’.  In case you aren’t tempted yet, read these old posts about us shopping at the rose bowl, HERE,  and HERE   And of Course Orlando’s post from this week. 

Which is why you should come shopping with me at the Rose Bowl and why you should sign up to follow me on OpenSky. 

Here’s ALL you have to do:  

Click on this LINK  and sign up to follow me on OpenSky. It is crucial that you click on this link only, you can’t enter through going through or any other way…we are very strict.  That’s it.  The contest lasts through August 31st.  I’m doing this to promote my OpenSky store where i sell such pretty things like these:

I have many new pieces that are being added to the store (sorry, a lot has already sold out) so when you  sign up you’ll get emails when they get added.  And I promise, nothing will be in there that i woudln’t buy and own.  I often promote young designers or smaller companies so you’ll get unique items and know you are supporting a startup designer.   

HERE’s the special LINK, again. 

(and for those of you who already follow me on OpenSky I wanted you to be able to enter too and not be punished for already knowing OpenSky is cool, so you click on this link, not the other one.)

Of course you can always go alone to the Rose Bowl but I know all the best vendors, i know what good prices are, i know where to stash your stuff when you have too much. I know this flea market.  

Just be prepared to get up at 6am.  Good luck!



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