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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson

….til a new post. I had a whirlwind trip last week, 30 hours in nyc full of like 31 meetings and a really fun HGTV party, (pics to follow, including me and Dina from RHONJ and the Novagratz’s).  Then straight to Salt Lake City where i got a behind the scenes question and answer session from a church leader that blew my mind.  And then to Evanston Wyoming for a family reunion that included 139 of my closest relatives and lots of beef, stories and hay.  

All without internet connection (except at my hotels which i was barely ever there, so i know i owe like a million emails).

I got back late last night and now i’m rushing to work (episode 20), but rest assured a style post will be up today, and my last weeks trips with pics will follow hopefully tomorrow.  

Oh an meanwhile some dude totaled my car.  FUN!  

But the good news is that Bentley is returning on the Ashlorette tonight, its gonna be goooooooooooooood.  


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