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Ginny’s Gift Guide


Hey there, it’s Ginny again taking over the blog for the day. I’ll be honest, as much as I love Christmas I am the first to admit that I’m pretty crap about being on top of buying gifts. It’s not that I don’t care or that I don’t have ideas, I’m just not a Type A about the whole thing. I’m also the same with Birthdays too, but when push comes to shove I do rally and pull through in the end, I just stress myself out doing it and trying to ensure there’s still time for delivery deadlines! If anyone can offer friendly advise on how to be more organized about this I welcome your comments. When Emily asked Brady, Sara and I to pull together a gift guide I could have sworn I got hives thinking about holiday gifts, but she’s the boss and everyone loves some good eye-candy so here you have it…


1. Ceramic Bell | I can’t get enough of these – have a small collection that keeps growing, I’ve also purchased for people in the past it’s a great handmade one of a kind gift.

2. Midcentury Lantern | These candle holders are from Rejuvenation and come in two sizes. They’re actually quite large so can be used on either a coffee table, dining table or on a hearth, I’m staring at mine now which are on my hearth.

3. Glass & Leather Vase | Used one of these in my holiday bedroom shoot coming up next week. Could be used as a vase or water decanter

4. Blue Bowl | On my wish list. Blue + gold = happy Ginny

5. Tree Bell Ornament | SO DARN CUTE, need these for the tree next year. Or to sit next to my ceramic bells

6. Gold Candle | This company is awesome and have just launched in Nordstrom with their coconut wax candles. They smell amazing too.

7. Faux Fur Throw | I have to admit I own this and it’s for me and me only. No puppies allowed. It’s not obvious from the photo but it’s the prettiest shade of light pink on the planet!

8. Round Bread Board | It’s a bread board… I love bread.

9. Butter Dish | It’s a butter dish… I love butter. Preferably English, Irish or French. Salted. Salt crystals a bonus.

10. Handblown Decanter | Just bought this for a friend – ok so maybe I’m not so bad with gifts right?!

11. Jamie Oliver Cookbook | I always wanted to marry Jamie O when he did the Naked Chef show. I just love everything he does and this Christmas book makes me so giddy.

12. Glass Cake Stand Dome | My friend has a beautiful vintage cake stand that I’m green with envy over, so I’m trying to find the perfect one and this is a pretty great option.

13. Oven Mitten & Pot Holder | Blue stripes, yes please! I do love a matching oven pad and oven.

14. Cake Stand | See #12

15. Hand Soap | I use this all the time, really cuts through the grease on my hands (ugh I sound like an old person… nothing wrong with old people, I’m just getting weird about age because it’s my birthday next week)

16. Blue Candle Sticks | Simple and elegant and the colour would be perfect in my house.

17. Wall Clock | I have this in my kitchen, it feels kinda old school English which I love. They also come in other colourways too that are worth checking out.

18. Blue French Oven | I dream hard for a set of Staub or Le Creuset pans.

19. Velvet Pillows | I have this and it’s the softest velvet ever. This also comes in way more colours and the rose pink is to die for.

20. Sonos Speaker | Could not rate this higher, the sound is incredible and the fact you can use your iphone makes my life so much easier

21. Champagne Flute | You should read the post earlier today 🙂

22. Blue Print Vase | My new favourite vase, have used it in a couple of shoots now and love it.

23. Copper Shower Curtain Hooks | Because every shower curtain needs some bling!

24. Wine Glass | See #21

25. Dog Pillow | It’s the biggest pillow but means they can both snuggle up on it together and the pattern works with the living room.

26. Dog Bowl | We need new bowls for the pooches since they’re currently using our own soup bowls. Don’t worry it’s not that gross, they can be washed (bowls and puppies)

27. White Vase | Best vase for styling all kinds of flowers. I was out of stock last time I was there but I need to buy asap since I’ve used it in a couple of shoots recently.

28. Copper Candleholder | World Market killing it again with this set of three.. I have these and love that they feel modern but trad.

29. Pinstripe Linen Napkin | More stripes for me. Yes please. I have a growing collection (or problem as some might say) of fabric napkins. I rarely walk out of Sur le table without a set. There’s something more refined about using a fabric napkin than a paper one.

30. Dinner Plate | We have these, and they are so simple and stack nicely. They feel slightly rustic yet chic at the same time and they’re super bright white and can go in the dishwasher, and aren’t crazy expensive.

31. Felt Basket | Patrick (hubs) told me this is his favourite basket I’ve ever bought so that’s a keeper!

32. Black Flatware | We are in desperate need of new cutlery. We have a gold set now that doesn’t love being thrown in the dishwasher. I’m thinking of going for a darker tone next time round.

33. Coral Knit Throw | Brady and Emily take the you-know-what about my love of ‘hotel’ blankets but this one is so soft and I love the colour.

34. Grey Bath Sheet | We are also in need of new towels, we’ve had ours for a couple of years now which I think isn’t how it’s supposed to be?! Should you swap them out annually? Either way they might be kind of a boring gift but they’re also kind of a luxury to have ‘nice’ towels.

35. Round Ceramic Box | I can’t get enough of Peter Sheldon’s ceramics. Local to LA I’d have one of everything from them if I could.

36. Monogram Decanter | Does alcohol go in here? Then yes, yes this is a great gift!



1. Pink Coat | Having a real pink moment right now, I think it’s the only colour aside from black, blue, white and grey that suits me. If I lived in NYC I’d totally have this one.

2. Wool Scarf | Love all the colours in this and scarves are my staple accessory.

3. Black Boot | These are a classic boot. I have a pair from a couple of years ago that are still going strong. They will never go out of fashion.

4. Black Coat | This coat is a little less tailored in it’s shape than #1 which I love. I’m such a baggy clothes nut so this would be great if you prefer less fitting pieces.

5. Green Dress | This dress feels kinda festive and would be perfect for a holiday party teamed up with a big piece of statement jewelry.

6. Stripe Tunic Shirt | Baggy shirt and stripes. Nothing says Ginny more than this. Can be formal or causal depending how you wear it.

7. Gold Ring | Simple and modern and a great stocking filler.

8. Caudalie Beauty Elixir | I use this everyday to set my make up and in summer it’s great for the heat. It’s not cheap but worth it and a fun gift.

9. Liquid Highlighter | I also use this either on top of my make-up or I mix it in with my foundation to give me an overall glow – good for hangover days 🙂

10. Pink Sweater | I have this and it’s a great one for throwing on with jeans.

11. Gold Bee Necklace | I have this and it’s so sentimental to me. I bought it in England as a keepsake before I moved to LA. I get compliments on it all the time. They also have other cute charms like foxes and birds and often do seasonal pieces.

12. Grey Sweatpants | Great for lazy Sundays or walking the dogs.

13. Flannel Pajamas | I’m a total PJ’s gal and have these from Target. It gets chilly in our apartment at night so these are ideal.

14. Eye Mask | My new favourite thing to sleep in. I’ve never used an eye mask but recently got gifted this from Parachute Home and it’s amazing!!

15. Stars & Moon Socks |16. Puppy Socks | 17. Fox Socks | As you can see I tend to keep my wardrobe fairly neutral… except for my socks. It’s like my napkin collection. The bolder and more fun the pattern the better!! Black socks bum me out.

18. Slippers | I’m also a house slippers girl and hate walking on the floor without either slippers or socks. These are another Target find and so warm and cosy. I always used to get my parents slipper for Christmas, I might start that trend up again.

19. Plaid Dress | Great for a Boxing Day brunch.

20. Leather Jacket | I have this faux leather jacket and love that it had the drapping knitted front. I’m too scared to blow $300 + on a leather jacket because I don’t really know what style would work for more than one season. So when I spotted this guy for $100 I didn’t feel so bad about shelling out.

21. Dark Green Hat | Winter time = hats for me. Great for hiding unwashed hair on days when I want to lay in 🙂

22. Grey Hoodie | Another dog-walking staple.

23. Lipstick | I tried this on at a friend’s house as she had a small sample of it that she never wore and now I can’t get enough of this colour.

24. Black Jeans | A black skinny ripped jean is a Ginny staple. I buy all my jeans from Topshop, they fit well and are well priced.

25. Grey Purse | I’ve started using smaller shoulder bags as opposed to a big tote for the daytime. It’s just easier when I’m hauling furniture and sourcing things as it allows me to have my two hands free.

26. Grey Sweater | Striped tee, ripped jeans and baggy grey sweater with either boots or pointed sneakers and you can be my clone.

27. Chambray Shirt | I love to do a DD and wear a light denim with black skinnies. I also love a denim dress too with boots too!

28. Stripe T-Shirt | See #26

29. Grey Sneaker | See #26

30. Plaid Duffle | Not this exact one but I treated myself to a Barbour bag for travelling a couple of years back. I can’t really justify a Barbour coat living in LA but when I eventually have my country home in either upstate New York or the rolling hills of England I’ll be the first in line for one. One can only dream!

Happy Holidays xXx

If you’re like me and leave everything until the last minute, be sure to also check out Emily’s,  Brady’s and Sara’s gift guides.

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I bought a similar faux leather “swacket” from justfab and love it! It was maybe $35 and fits and feels great.

I love that black coat! What’s great is that it will fit over more interesting outfits- wide bishop sleeve tops, chunky sweaters, etc.


Ginny! Wile I loved Brady, and Sara’s gift guide so much! I must say I LOVE yours most!
You hit it on the nail love EVERITHING


I LOVE your gift guide!!!!

Awesome gift guide. So many wonderful things my list just tripled!

I think the prices of the items you offer or talk about are just crazy-high!
Do you rethink we are all made of money? Let’s get real and come down to earth. Feature some items that we can afford, please!

Bob Foster

Iam really impressed!


Ginny… pls move back to England and start up your own Design blog 🙂 would be SO FAB to see this site’s content with a UK slant on it… ie with product we can buy over here.


I love this gift guide! Can I give some cheeky (unsolicited) advice about the gift guides, though? It’s a pain to have to scroll up and down between the pictures and the text. I often don’t bother unless there’s an item that’s really grabbed my attention. If you could do smaller groupings of items, or even one item at a time with the picture and text together, that would be much more reader friendly. If you’ve seen the Cup of Jo gift guides, those are super easy to read and I end up clicking on much more of the links (she also lists prices which is helpful, too).

Happy holidays, team EHD! I love what you do!


I’m disappointed you recommend those Mercer plates – you can’t use them with hot food. The bottom is glazed.

Everything else looks awesome though!


Great post! I just bought a bar cart similar to yours in this photo. Any suggestions on how to style the bottom level of a bar cart when you have a 2 year old?

Thanks for including our pillow, Ginny! xo

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