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Gifts for Pet Lovers

You know what is almost as good as bringing home an adorable, healthy baby from the hospital? Giving your pet lover friend something that they might not throw away. Its funny actually because last night Brian said to me that we needed to get Bearcat and Mimi a cute new cat bed for the new house and to say sorry that you will now be perpetually neglected if not basically ignored. Well, good timing Brian because I had this pet lovers gift roundup all planned anyway.

So here you go: gifts for your pets or for the pet lovers in your lives. Pet Lovers Gift GuideGold stud dog leash | 2  Houndstooth bow-tie | 3 Lucite pet bed | 4  Wooden Pet bowl | 5 Pooch Parka | 6  Cat Pyramid Pet Lovers Gift Guide 1 Leather lead | 2 Carry Bag | 3 Bowls | 4 Pet Bed | 5 Red Parka | 6 Bow-tie

My cats will see right through this, I’m sure. And while I think that the bowtie collar is adorable, surely Mimi won’t find it the gift that she had really been waiting for.

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