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Free Design Consultation Giveaway….well kind of

Today is Brian’s birthday so to celebrate here on the blog i’m giving a free styling giveaway – 1 full day with me, Bonnie and hopefully Orlando if he’s not too busy.  We’ll come to your house, and make it pretty. For free.  Here’s the story:  Brian is an actor/writer and to add some stability to our lives he decided to get his real estate license and sell some houses. He has been for a while, but i was waiting to make this deal until we figured out the exact terms and what makes sense.  

I mean, look at him. He just screams ‘I won’t stop until i find the right house for you’.  


Here’s the deal: 

If you are looking to buy a house in Los Angeles and you use Brian as your Realtor (and you actually purchase a house) then i’ll come in after you’ve moved in and do a 1 day re-styling with my team.  I’ll use what you have, rearrange furniture, restyle shelves, add some flowers and consult with you on general thoughts about your space – everything from space plan to composition, to color palette to style.  We’ll be yours for 1 day so whatever you want from me, i’ll do. If you want to go shopping? Totally. If you want me to clean your kitchen? Fine.  Massage your feet? Not a chance. 

If you are selling a house in Los Angeles and you sign with Brian as your selling agent, then i’ll come in to your space and use what you already have (and possibly pull from my inventory if necessary and if i have it) to restyle and stage your place to sell –  1 day, with the team.  Or, if you’ve already moved out and you’d rather me come to your new home and restyle it (like above) then i can absolutely do that instead.  

But what if you don’t live in Los Angeles or what if you just have friends that are constantly buying and selling? What’s in it for you?

If you refer a client to Brian you’ll get a free style diagnostic.  It’ll be digital – i’m probably not coming to your house in Minnesota with 7 bolo ties or paperweights for you to choose from, but i’ll send you a bunch of questions and based on your answers name your style and give product recomendation and mood board.  And yes, your friend that you refer to us will still get the above deal.  I know.  I’m giving it away. But obviously one sale (in Los Angeles) is worth more than 1 day of my time.  

We may even wear our labor day whites.  

Brian has the right to not work with anybody – say you are looking in Orange County and he’s not familiar with it and its too far away, but if you are looking in West Hollywood, any of the hills, Silverlake, Echo Park, Eagle Rock, Mount Washington, Atwater Village, Pasadena, Los Feliz, Beachwood, Hollywood or Beverly Hills – he’s got you covered.  Or many other places.  

We may even wear matching clothes.  Maybe….

Oh and obviously this is not just a one time thing – it will last as long as we want it to and hopefully will make us both so busy. So if your brother in law tells you in 6 months that he is looking to buy a  house, you can refer him to us, the offer is live until he is so slammed that he has to turn down clients.   

OBVIOUSLY, serious buyers and sellers only.  No services will be performed for the buyer until they actually purchase a house.  And no services will be performed for the seller unless they sign a commitment contract. It’s free, but it ain’t. But if you are a serious buyer and seller then email

And wish him happy birthday.  That guy is my absolute favorite.  



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