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Flea Market Mondays

i’m pretty excited about my night tonight.  Brian and I have romantic plans. Oh yes, ladies and gentlemens, i am getting fed, i am getting cuddled and i am getting my twilight on – the third in the series of one intellectually indefensable yet unrelentingly addictive vampire series that i already saw in the theatre by myself, but Brian has yet to have the privelidge.  Brian pretends like he’s not into it, but then i remind him that sometimes when he’s feeling sentimental for high school he listens to Counting Crows, so its ok feel emotional emotions.  My emotions are super emotional, by the way. 

 Why I do digress don’t i?

PCC kinda blew (for those of you who don’t know, the flea market travels around every sunday – Rose bowl is the best, then long beach, then PCC, then Santa monica).  The real dealers aren’t really there, but sometimes there are people who are just trying to sell their parents stuff and they don’t know what they should be selling them for, so it can be cheap.

Introducing my new 80’s peacock blue throne!

I am the queen!  i know, there is something super cheesy about it, but something pretty attractive, too. It’s velvet, worn, super comfy and was $15.  not a bad price, my friends.  it’s going to make my rump pretty happy,

I love this little burl table. I know that there are strong feelings against these guys, but i’m into em.

I think it was $25 or $35, without the glass. and then i got the glass for fifty cents at a different vendor.  

Such a cutie.  like a little old man in a little pointy hat. 

Finished up Joy and Bob’s room and let me  tell you that a whole room of a certain wallpaper looks effing amazing.  

Off to a huge loft in Long Beach.  Which might involve gnomes.  

Now leave me be with my teenage dramas.  




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