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Flea Market Mondays

I know. its tuesday night. But my excuse is that i’m getting used to the show schedule and also i have very few brain cells past 9:30.  We finished the first episode and it went pretty great.  There were the ‘first week ‘how do we all work together’ bumps’, you know figuring out what our strengths and weaknesses are.  But already the second week is going swimmingly and its stupidly fun.

So this weeks flea market post is tempting to not post.  Some of these pieces i love so much that i’m considering buying them back from the show and keeping them for myself.  I worry that no one will appreciate them as much as i will:

See. i told you.  Trust.  Suede, leather and chrome.  totally totally amazing and such show stoppers.  I want the world to see them in action, but I also want them in my own home for my own action.  Which will probably include watching the telly.  while using weird british words like telly.   They weren’t cheap, but I know they are worth a lot more…. i gobbled them up quickly at the $600 price for the pair.  

There are more of course, but i need to get my beauty rest, and or watch some real housewives of BH (best RH in a long time, the franchise is back after the not so entertaining DC season).

Expect an amazing thursday post from The Brick House.  She can offer the wit that i’m clearly not delivering right now.  My excuse is that i’m saving it for the camera and it’ll be coming your way come end of february (when the show is slated to start airing).  




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