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Flea Market Mondays

So I slept in until 7:30 yesterday.  I know. it’s almost as if I don’t care anymore.  The flea market this week was in Long Beach which is about 45 minutes away so I didn’t arrive until 8:30.  The early stylist gets the worm.  So, most of the really big worms were gone.  

But I got some good accessories.  Some i love so much I might just play with in my house until their new home is ready for them.

Like this silver/gold antelope:

It’s all you need for you dining table when not in use, or on top of a credenza.  It’s huge and not cheap, $140, but a lot of bang for your buck in my opinion.

The perfect mid-century woven bench.  lerve.  

yardage of vintage floral.  Like 10 yards.  I’m not opposed to reupholstering something with it (even after I gave the whole ‘use classic fabrics’ tip/lecture last week).  Or drapery.  $10.

adorabel little modern brass lamp.  It’s super solid, not the cheezy flaky brass, the heavy ‘i look good with age’ kinda brass.  Like Ed Harris. 

Awesome trunk that I will turn into a side table.  Well I’ll just put it next to a sofa, no magic involved there. Not so much a ‘secret’ from a ‘stylist’  But as long as you can rest a drink on it, it can be a side table in my book.  $40.

And a bunch more, but some have to remain secrets.  The first 5 rooms/shows are starting to come together and i love all of them equally so much.  Every house is so different, mixing everything from global to industrial to hollywood regency to danish to retro kitch to hippie chic, to glitter and over the top glam to minimalism.  For the series we are layering 2 looks per house, and they are pretty contrasting looks so its super challenging.  We have adorable families, new couples, singles, and a design blogger or two (I’m hoping).  Yep, ones you know.  I love them all so much.  

If anyone can think of a clever coinage for ‘Hollywood Regency’ I would be super grateful.   

Have a good monday.  

OH and by the way, thank you so much for all of your questions and emails. There are a lot that I will address in video blogs, but a lot are going to be in the show as tips, because they are good questions that multiple people asked.  So thank you so much.   And those of you who emailed with specific questions about your home, I am trying to get back to you, i promise.  Brian makes me get off the computer at 8pm so we can hang out (aka watch project runway and cuddle) so the personal emails have to be put off, constantly.  But i’m trying.



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