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Flea Market Finds Monday

I can pretty confidently say that there it was the most packed flea market i’ve been to in months.  People be jonesing for my loot and i was panicking.  I got there at 7:30 and missed a fantastic chair that i will regret for the rest of my life.   

But to focus on the present I did get a cargo van full of some awesome stuff:

This weird daybed bench thing.  It’s late 1800’s, from Maine, has an insane amount of character and is super comfortable.  The upholstery, which is heirloom linen, is in perfect condition.  look:

And then there are these adorable chairs.  great condition, don’t need reupholstering, $100 each.  

These guys can go slightly granny, so its all in the styling to keep them looking modern.   No offense, Granny. i’m thinking white lacquer side table between ’em. maybe a pouf.  who knows. 

this is gonna be an ottoman, getting a cute little white linen piped cushion sewn for it.  I guess it was something that one cooked japanese food in, but that seems impossible to me.  but cooking in a pan also seems impossible to me, so there ya go. 

6 vintage tavern chairs at $25 a pop.  I guess they were from this old famous bar in LA, that clearly wasn’t that famous because i already forgot what it was, but i’ve always loved their casual, worn look.  They are going with a saarinen tulip table, which is exactly what they need to feel modern and updated.  

oh and these two pieces of crazy:

No secret that i love a disco ball, and this vintage large scale mirrored one at 18″ diameter was born to be with me.  I have no idea what i’m going to do with it.  In a perfect world i’ll have a huge wall of shelving and it will just rest on the top shelf. Or in a more perfect world i will remove all my furniture, hang it in the middle of the room, and party hardy every night and dance until i drop.  The reflection that it gives off are huge squares of light.  i’m obsessed.  $20 – down from $80 in the morning.  

Oh what?  you didn’t buy a giant overpriced bust of Nixon? 

it, er, ‘he’ needs some work but i have the perfect spot/client for him.  Think wall of art/books/objects and this guy sitting right on top.  Big ole Richard (you have no idea how hard it was for me to use his proper name just then).  And yes, it was very very bright, that is not my usual press smile.  

And thanks to Andrea and Laura from Metlis linens for some Flea market schwag.  So sweet and such a pretty booth full of old french tea towels.  merci.  

OOH and this just in:  Shout out to my friend, Mr. Ian Brennan for giving public teachers a shout out last night at the Golden Globes.  Congrats, Ian, that comment just solidified you as America’s favorite TV show creator.  


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