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Flea market finds … for Fig House

Sorry about the radio silence. My internet at home has been out and I’ve been shooting at a location where the internet is also out. Plus I’ve been prepping like a mother for this presentation tomorrow in Atlanta on tablescapes. AGAIN, if you are in Atlanta at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow (at the mart), come see me, PLEASE!!! And come say “Hi” before and introduce yourself. It is so nice to have blog readers in the audience because I feel like you guys know me, whereas people that just watched “DesignStar” don’t so much. Come!!!!

Meanwhile, check out these finds from thrift stores that I’ve bought for The Fig House … to be redone, obviously.

Oh the detail on the bottom. Methinks there will be contrasting colors, for sure.

photo 3

I would totally put baby in this corner sectional.

Fig HouseFig House

And I’m pretty sure it’s every person’s dream to lounge around while drinking in a round sectional.

The whole project is HUGE and obviously very expensive so we are honing in on our thrifting skills to find the amazing pieces that we can afford and that will make a huge impact.

And you can bet your money that at least one of these sofas will have fringe on the bottom.


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