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Flea market finds …

Here’s a lesson to the world – if you only get out of the house once or twice a week (I’m imprisoned by this adorable security guard named Charlie and his hungry {nay, HANGRY} belly) you will most likely really try to make those occasions count. For me, its shopping and therefore doing some damage. I mean, it was as if I was Tom Hanks character in Castaway, going 7 years on an island away from all retail and flea markets. I was like a crazed person panicking that I was missing out on deals that were right next to me at all times.

So, on Sunday I had a girls day with my best friends Corbett and Scott and we went down to the once  a year mid-century only flea market called ‘Downtown Modernism’ and its was GOOOOOOOOOOOD. One can only peruse Craigslist, Ebay, Chairish, Hunters Alley and Etsy for so many hours before they simply must get out there and touch, sit on, pay for and hoard said finds.

So here’s what I found:

vintage tray

A pretty amazing solid brass paper tray with a lid. That lid is the most genius thing ever. I ALWAYS have a stack of papers on my dining table that i’m avoiding dealing with – invoices, parking tickets, manuals to some baby toy that I’m hoarding just in case … So this genius thing is my new crap tray

vintage ceramic

That vintage italian ceramic decanter is super necessary for all of my mid-evil themed parties. That pot is just one more of a collection that has no intention of stopping. The two books and the little mini enamel plant stand on the right are all from Poketo, downtown (not vintage). That Calder book is awesome because its a pop-up book, and who doesn’t love a pop-up book? Heathens. Thats who.

vintage poster

A sure sign that you are cultured (and pretentious) is that you own vintage FOREIGN art posters. I love that guy – I have no idea what it means – although probably something about the emptiness of my grasshopper heart relating to the suffering of the human condition. Those other three pieces of pottery were all from the same dealer  – they ranged from $4 to $40. I’m hesitant to put pricing on things because then if I go to sell them to a client they’ll be like, ‘Wait, you said on your blog that you only got it for $14 and now you are charging me $85’, which proves to be an awkward conversation even though i’ve made clear from day one that my vintage items are priced by their worth, not a percentage markup or anything. Look at me getting all defensive to no one.  Anyway, the poster (in the frame) was $20. There, i told you.

vintage game

This vintage backgammon was a total unnecessary hoard (for $10!!). But I know that i’m going to have that one coffee table shot that is dying for a colorful, Jonathan Adler -esque game and BOOM I’m going to whip this sucker out and the styling angels will sing.

vintage backgammon
Its in perfect shape, too, and such good colors.

vintage pottery

octagonal mid-century wood planter ($10), – YES! I need that!  Where else am I supposed to put my plants? Oh one of my 1 million other planters? Shut up.

That teapot with the simple brass detailing was a total find that is going to look beautiful on my stove once my kitchen is finished (and by finished I mean started). I don’t drink tea but will force myself so I can utilize this lovely teapot.

I love that footed ceramic planter thing ($30) and those cute lanterns are going to go wonderfully outside this summer ($10 for the pair). I might change out the traditional glass tube thing for something more round and modern, but that’s not exactly priority number one in my life so I’ll probably get to it in 2016. Maybe it will be a new years resolution that I never accomplish like all of mine from this year.

wire sculpture

And then there is this self-portrait of me in wire, except I didn’t make it. I used to have a ton of wire sculptures but slowly they’ve either been sold to clients or a couple got trashed in the move. But this lady, she is a keeper. Totally weird, borderline creepy but still lovely to look at.

So which one is your favorite? If you could hoard just one of these things what would it be?


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