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Flea Market Finds

I was hoping to find a new brain at the flea market.  Not a total transplant, maybe just a supplement, just something extra.  But, alas i woke up with food poisoning, which totally blew – OH YES, PUN INTENDED.

Be not dismayed, i have many a FMF in my inventory:

cute, huh? Sure they are just ottomons (hey spellcheck, give it up, its not happening, i literally will never learn how to spell that word, oh and by the way you have a really annoying personality, spellcheck, how embarassed you must be).  They weren’t cheap, $100 for both, but for those of you who have looked for a pair of good attomons before, they can be spendy (even crate and barrel and pottery barns are a fortune) so reupholstered in the perfect fabric will still be cost effective for custom ittamans.

So mod. so gold. so glam. so obsessed.  might keep the big one.  it was $70, and the small one was $40. the big ones head is tilted (its like a dog when it gets curious) but i fixed it, don’t you worry your pretty little brass about that.

 oh, aren’t you just adorable with your little retro floral brocade perfect fabric and your little rockin legs.  Who do you want to go home with, eh?  Kitschy, but adorable and needs the perfect little corner to rest its little smiley face in.

The show going great, btdubs.  a total total blast. We are on the third episode week, which by the way is Joy from Oh Joy,  and Bob from the ‘i actually save lives’ division of the work force – although did anyone catch his ‘dudes market gift charticle’ in Rue this month?….nice Bob, you stylish little surgeon you.

Anyhoo, Bloggers unite! And i had nothing to do with the casting, by the way.  Just luck.

Which by the way, wish me some….these people have taste, obviously, so pressure is on.  



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