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Finally its announced…

Secrets from a Stylist has been picked up for 26 episodes!!!!!!
which is also my age.
or was my age a few years ago.  whatever.
So my midnight post is dedicated to trying to find new houses to cast for the show.   If your grandparents need a restyling, if your brother-in-law needs a restyling, or anyone really that lives in LA that owns there own place needs a restyling by yours truly, please follow the directions below.


Here are the conditions:  You have to live in L.A. (if the house/people are so great I think we can travel to Orange County or within 30  miles of LA, but really ideally we are in LA)
You have to own your space.  I know. I’m a renter too and it would totally bum me out, but this is how it is will all these shows.

If you live in a duplex and are best friends with your landlord then you might be able to swing it, but apartment buildings with a bunch of other tenants create a lot of problems)

We will only be doing 1 room, not a whole house.

At this time we are not doing any bathrooms or kitchens, if that changes i’ll let you know. It’s not a reno show, its a style show and those are to costly and timely for production.

You will be on TV.
And your schedule has to be flexible as we shoot 6 days a week
(you won’t be on all 6, but will need to be available when necessary).

The bigger the personality, the better.

Oh and the room should be 15×20 or else amazing.  We  need big rooms.

In your email, include pictures of you/your family/your space and info on what your styles are and what you see for the space.  And don’t be conservative with your personality, bring it.

Everyone that left a comment, just go ahead and email them to casting.  I’ll try to get back to people, but I probably shoulda just waited ’til I had the proper email to post….but instead I had some sake and was really excited to tell all my virtual friends…

And remember – I want to do anyone.  woah…

You might think that your cousin that lives in LA has completely different style than me, but that’s what we want.  As much I love doing all vintage-flea-markety-hipster, I want to do some traditional styles (shopping from flea markets, too, don’t worry) or crazy minimal styles, anything that will make the show interesting week after week.

I can do any style tastefully – because every style can be beautiful when shopped correctly and when mixed properly.

Bring it.
and email



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