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Some of Our Favorite EHD-Inspired Interiors

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and if that is the case then, my friends, we here at EHD are VERY flattered. Over the years we have attempted, failed, and succeeded at a countless number of projects. We take risks, try to be original, informational and inspirational and then put it out on the blog for you every day in hopes that what we put out there for you will somehow inspire or help you in your own lives. So when there is a project that hits and people are inspired by it enough to recreate it in their own space it’s like having our design cake, and eating it too. We thought it might be fun to start showcasing some of the EHD-inspired interiors over here on the blog every so often for a handful of reasons. 1) You guys are seriously talented and need to be recognized, 2) Hopefully seeing these readers versions might inspire you to recreate a project for your own space and 3) It makes us happy to see your spaces and what you do to them. Let’s get into it.

Neustadt 207

You might remember this ‘Spanish Kitchen‘ Makeover that we did a few years back, well Shelley Tumlin took it and recreated it in her vintage camper and we are obsessed. Those blue cabinets, that peel and stick tile and even the faded oil paintings are a dead match. She actually rents out the camper in Florida and we are very tempted to make a reservation in the very near future, so we can cook ourselves a tiny little meal in that tiny little kitchen on the beach.

Shelly Tumlin Beach Camper

I am sure you all remember Brady’s ‘DIY Channel Tufted Headboard‘. He turned an awkward bedroom size into a focal point by creating a wall to wall channel tufted headboard in green velvet none the less. He created a step by step tutorial over on the blog and it spawned some pretty amazing versions that were inspired by the original.

Emily Henderson Moto Brady Bedroom Parachute Edited

French For Pineapple took the concept and went very moody (and busty with it) by using this graphic black and white marble print in her bedroom. Talk about a statement wall. We love it.

French For Pineapple Channel Tuffted Headboard

Bright Green Door took things to another level with this beautiful version in faux leather that is flanked by two storage units providing a cozy little bedding nook to doze off in every night. We love the dark cabinets paired with the warmer tone of the leather and that quilt gives the room so much personality.

Bright Green Door Channel Tufted Head Board

Mandi Johnson For A Beautiful Mess decided to take the project into the dining room and her results are pretty amazing. Not only did she take it all the way from floor to ceiling but also added in a storage bench. Pretty genius and that space looks so inviting.


Amelia Hannah who also hails from Utah (like Brady) created her own version in her bedroom in the same fabric as ours and we love it. Those hanging lights are such a good solution as well to help free up nightstand space and highlight the art she has leaning on the ledge of the headboard.

Amelia Hannah Channel Tuffted Headboard1 Amelia Hannah Diy Channel Tuffted Headboard1

In addition to some of the DIY projects that we have showcased, we have also got some submissions from the budget room design boards that we have pulled together. The ‘Modern Traditional Bedroom‘ a few years back was recreated by Sarah Aguilar with a few slight adjustments and we love seeing her own take on it.

Emily Henderson Budget Rooms 1 Room 3 Ways Modern Tradition Bedroom 20002 Sarah Aguilar Modern Traditional Bedroom

Our ‘DIY Pillow & Leather Strap Headboard‘ which we created for the Dorm Room shoot also got some love by a reader who created their own version.

Emily Henderson Target Dorm Room Back To School Boho Eclectic Collage Wall Rocker Chic Musician Artistic Cinderblock Bed Leather Strap Headboard Diy

This much more refined and paired down version which was submitted by Brynn Harlock is pretty impressive. This room is so happy and inviting and we love seeing her version of the DIY on the wall.

Bryn Harlock Bright Bedroom Green Leather Minimal

But Brynn didn’t just stop with that one gorgeous room. She used Birdie’s nursery turned guest room for our ‘Styling To Sell‘ series as inspiration for her own guest room.

Emily Henderson Staging To Sell Guest Room Light Natural Floral

We had to do a double take with this one, as we have an almost identical shot and the rooms look so similar. We love seeing her take on it, and that focal wall with the tree mural wallpaper gives the room so much character without having to add a lot of other elements in.

Rebel Walls Bryn Harlock Ehd Nursery Inspiration

And last but not least Brynn also submitted her version of this little reading nook from our California Spanish project.

Emily Henderson Hague Blue Reading Nook Leather Chair Gallery Wall Bookshelves

She made it personal with her own collection of art and we love that she added that brass light in, to contrast against the blue wall. Well done Brynn, can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Bryn Harlock Inspired By Ehd Reader Submission Reading Nook

After we published our ‘How To Add Character To Basic Architecture – Wood Paneling‘ we got this submission from Leah McClellan, who used the inspiration and roundup of DIY’s to create her own focal wall.

How To Add Character And Charm To Boring Architecture And Houses Horizontal Paneling

She added an accent wall of horizontal wood paneling in this nursery and the results are pretty inspiring. What kid wouldn’t want to call that their room?

Leah Mcclellan

And our last submission’s for this EHD Inspired roundup came from Brady’s ‘Peel & Stick Floor Tile DIY‘. If you remember the original post, he redid his kitchen floors for just $50 with some vinyl peel and stick tiles, which inspired a few readers to attempt it in their homes.

Brady Tolbert Emily Henderson Black And White Kitchen Vintage Apartment Refresh Wood Brass Checkered Floor Copper Pots Eclectic Glam Modern Traditional 5

Jordan Rudd gave her old linoleum floors a brand new look in her kitchen, and we have to say her little Frenchie looks so happy sitting on those new floors.

Peel And Stick Floor Tiles Inspiration 1

And Natalie Duncombe submitted her kitchen where she used the same DIY and we love how bright and graphic the new floors look.

Peel And Stick Floor Tiles Inspiration

It’s a pretty impressive roundup and we love seeing how you guys transform your spaces. If you have tried any of our projects or have created a room, vignette, or space inspired by anything you have seen here on the blog we would love to see it and include in our next “EHD-Inspired” post. Email your photos to: and you just might see it up here on the blog.

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4 years ago

Emily, you (and your fab crew) ARE inspiring, I hope you all know that and feel good about it!
xo to everyone.

4 years ago

My whole house is inspired by this blog. Hahaha… Photo submissions coming soon!! 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Jacqui

ah thanks guys 🙂

4 years ago

So fun! Will this be a series? Mandi’s dining banquette is killer!

4 years ago

I LOVE this post! Hope to see more of these in the future!

4 years ago

I loved this post- please do this again!
And readers, please send in more pictures!

Laura Fox
4 years ago

So wonderful to see how much you are inspiring people with what you do! Keep it up! Everything is gorgeous

4 years ago

Great post!❤️

4 years ago

Love seeing what readers have done!

We’re doing a whole-home reno right now, and we’re not close to implementing decor ideas (or even painting the walls yet).. But when we are, I’m excited to infuse some EHD style!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

ah, good luck with the renovation and thank you 🙂

4 years ago

I love this post!! Great submissions and great inspiration.

4 years ago

Love this post – hope it becomes a series!

4 years ago
Reply to  bubu

send them in and it will be 🙂

4 years ago

What fun! Go Team EHD far and wide! How terrific!

4 years ago

I loved this post! It’s so much fun to see inside other people’s homes and to see how non-professionals can take what you (the professionals) do and how it translates. Of course your versions are still the best because of your attention to detail, experience/knowledge, and styling prowess, but it’s still really fun to see how it turns out for the amateurs. I would also like to chime in that I have always loved Brady’s DIY projects, and would love to see more stuff like that on the blog. The housing market is kinda crazy right now, and I think a lot of people are having to get duds of houses and fix them up easily (no gut jobs), so the things like the laminate flooring tiles in the kitchen or the statement wall that the headboard makes (or as your reader did, all the way to the ceiling!) are so much fun to see.

4 years ago
Reply to  anna

yay to Brady 🙂

4 years ago

Ok, I absolutely LOVE this blog! How incredibly exciting to see your influences on your readers. I would love to see more (and maybe submit my own pics you’ve influenced). ;). Can you make this a regular series?

4 years ago
Reply to  Kristine

do it!

4 years ago

great idea for a post, love seeing the reader submissions!

4 years ago

This was fun! More of this!

4 years ago

Possibly my favorite post ever? SO fun to see readers translating your ideas into “real life” in their own homes! I know so much of my design has been inspired by you (at one point my throw pillow/blanket combo on my couch was straight lifted from one of your Target designs).

4 years ago

Wow, that was super fun. More like that please!

(the floor to ceiling tufting make me gasp aloud)

Lynn W
4 years ago

Love this post!!! Please make this a regular item ?

4 years ago

Great post! I hope you do it again.

4 years ago

Really enjoyed this post – more please! ?

4 years ago

This is such a fun post! I have lots of “inspired by EHD” to submit if only I could figure out how to take a decent photo!

4 years ago

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I am inspired by your blog every day and it is so great to see how others are inspired as well!! I think EHD-Inspired is a HIT!!

4 years ago

Whew! Brave souls! I think all of these photos deserve a standing ovation…AND a Courage Medal. I’d be shaking in my boots to share my photos with the readers — some are so critical and harsh (don’t really know how you can process it every day!) I’m glad only the nice ones came out today, (or that comments were double and triple checked!), and agree that this is a fun series! I’m still working out my Sylvia-inspired master bedroom!

Wendy Down
4 years ago

What a genius idea for a post. If you were to do this regularly, I would check out every single one.

4 years ago

Love this post! Kudos and congrats to the readers who went for it, and to you and your team for realizing that it would be less intimidating for those on the fence to get started after seeing other non-professionals succeed. Great pics, everybody!!!

4 years ago

LOVE this post! So fun to see the site revisit its DIY roots :).

4 years ago

I like this series! I like be seeing how people use your ideas!

4 years ago

I love this post!!!! Because I read this blog every day, I can remember the original posts and I love seeing the readers re-create them!!!! Do this again and again!!!!

4 years ago

Hi Emily,
Thank you so much for great posts. Makes my day!
I live in really hot and humid places (I travel a lot) and this kinda dictates how the bed is styled. There is no way we could use duvet ( not even the lightest all weather ones). A cotton blanket Or a thin cotton quilt is as far as it goes for us.
Now, styling a bed with just a blanket is challenging ( personally) Was wondering if there can a round up on that by you sometime? Would greatly appreciate your time!

4 years ago

This is so fun! It’s almost more inspiring to see how ‘real’ people (e.g. non-designers) have applied your ideas to their homes. I pinned a few!

Anna McNinja
4 years ago

I LOVE THIS POST!! Awesome job, everyone!!

4 years ago

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!!!!!

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