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Falling behind for a good cause …

Well, folks, I’ve been in New York since Sunday and we’ve been slammed here working on the very fun project that is Joanna Goddard’s family apartment. A total blast with such a fun crew. We’ve been getting done shopping/prepping around 8 or 9 pm everyday then shoving food in our mouths, and around 10:30 I sit down to write a blog post. Instead of writing said post I fall asleep on my computer, only to wake up at 7am to the one million emails from the day before that I didn’t answer. Blah, Blah, Blah. Champagne problems, I know.

So while I had a great blog schedule planned all week, these don’t write themselves and i’ve kinda failed at keeping up with it. Don’t worry – i’m getting help with prepping the posts, etc – but  I insist on writing all of them so they are just piling up in my drafts – photos, videos, etc, with no copy/writing with them. Real gems there, just waiting for me to do all the links, etc that take hours to do. Someday i’d like to do a live video of what it is like writing a really good post so you can witness the hours of work that go into these bad boys. I genuinely still enjoy every post, but sometimes they just take so long to do.

So forgive me for my bad posting. I’m feeling really good, totally healthy, the baby is kicking and moving and generally playing well with others. Lack of blogging never killed anyone and no one ever went to jail for not posting every day. And if they did that would be the lamest and safest jail in the world – or the best, full of people like Morgan, i’m sure.

Six and a 1/2 more weeks to kill it at work before my priorities shift completely (don’t worry, i’ll be still here – my life will just be ‘baby, blog and book’ and i’m trying to pack in all the design work before this little one comes out and I forget all of your names. For all of you who i’ve flaked on the last few weeks (Yes, Bearcat … i’m looking at you), which are very many of you, i’m sorry – I just can’t stay on top and it just kinda is what it is.

Thank you Ginny, Sam and Brian (and Abby, Will and Alex) for being total kick-ass saviors right now. Thank you thank you thank you.


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