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Episode 8, is kicking me rear-end.

Not sure when the last time i used the phrase ‘rear-end’ was.  But, don’t get me wrong, its gonna be a dope episode.  In fact it in many ways is better because the couple are two friends of mine and she is 9 months pregnant so its such a good cause.   

But mama is tired.  (her and me…that can’t be right grammar….’she and i’…whatever).  But its still a total blast, and the nights are getting shorter thanks to my Team Emily.  

Anyway, today is first reveal of the first layer.  And i like it, but i’m psyched about layer two. As i always am.  I’ve got a couple things in there that i’m going to cry to leave behind – which frankly happens in every episode.  not the crying, the strange emotional connection to vintage pieces that i may never see again.  

OH, did you properly hear????

SFAS premieres

February 26th!!!

That means in less than a month.  I’m so so so so so excited.  The first few episodes were me finding my footing and frankly they feel like years ago.  But i still love them.  And man, I have some behind the scenes to share…..  We have amazing ‘after’ photos by the super talented Laure Joliet, resource lists constructed by my team (Team Emily), list of my favorite things and my few regrets.  it’s a tell all event that will last for a year.  

Anyway, check out the shout out that Joy (of Oh Joy) gave me yesterday on   It’s a ‘what bloggers are excited about in 2011’ and Joy said little ole me.  

And Joy, i am also excited about you.  

Let the countdown begin.  

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