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Episode 7 quick correction

AHHH!!!! i just saw that they said the West Elm rug was $150 – its our fault, but i didn’t catch the mistake in time and i’m so sorry.  How misleading.  Its funny because starting the next episode i got to see these before and i fix any price mistake (or if I got a discount i don’t want to announce my price, so i make sure it reflects what YOU could buy it for).

So from now on, no more mistakes.  So sorry about that one.  

Anyway, that West Elm rug is $699, click here.

Photo by Laure Joliet, Table by Dan Faires 

And Check out Dan’s new furniture line, i’ll be blogging about it next week, but you should seriously check it out.

So sorry about the wrong cost, i wondered why everybody kept saying ‘such a steal’ cause $699 is fine, but NOT a score or anything.  My official apologies.  

I am curious which look you guys liked better? part of me did like the first one more, albeit less livealbe, but i’m telling you they REALLY REALLY REALLY didn’t see themselves in it.  But painting it back white, was, well right for them and the house, and looked awesome in person, but on the tv…. i don’t know, was it just me or was it kinda underwhelming?  I’m too close to be objective….

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