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Episode 7 commence. And check out Dan’s new webisodes.

Back in the saddle. Episode 7, shooting an awesome couple in View Park, which i’m rapidly becoming obsessed with.  So pretty.  As soon as the couple knows what the styles are going to be i’ll do some sneak peaks.  But for now, check out Dan Faires’s (of Design Star ‘nicest guy ever’ fame) new online DIY web-isodes so perfectly named  DanMade.  Click HERE.  And he’s also coming out to do a segment on Secrets tomorrow.  But honestly you guys know how i feel about DIY, if you can DIY go for it, but so many things are out of the amateurs hands and turn out looking super DIY, and it turns me off. BUt his stuff, so far at least, is completely approachable and tasteful.  It looks easy and when its done it looks professional.  done and done.


Also i’m feeling this color palette, although NOt rug or how those pillows are styled.

Also, i thought i asked for a large book.  But i’m loving those two chairs.  i can’t wait to show you guys this chair i just got reupholstered. it was $40, i threw the upholsterer a bunch of navy blue linen yardage and said hastily ‘yeah, lets do some tufting, too’.  cut the unveiling last week and i couldn’t be happier.  


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