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Episode 3. Terraces and Tubas.

Episode 3.  Tonight. 10pm (or 7pm depending).

I’m psyched about tonight. Here’s a teaser – we take it outside, and I get intimate with a tuba.  
This was a super fun challenge, and if you do the math (which I normally don’t) you’ll find that yes, we are down to 4 girls, six boys so the teams are pretty unbalanced.  I wonder what will happen.  Well, i don’t wonder, but you should wonder what’ll happen.  It might involve a Arkansas.  and blue eyes.  Just sayin’.

Again, I didn’t get to see the other teams space, so it will be fun to see what they did this time.  And I’m loving watching all my friends up there, and seeing it from such a different perspective than you guys.  I’m falling in friend love with some of them all over again.

It’s a pretty crazy situation that few people in the world can relate to and you do feel like family in a way – a family without parents, where each sibling wants to win, while we hug, cuddle, laugh, fight and cry,  all while being filmed.  you know.  family.


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