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Episode 1, Second Season Commence!

OH ladies and gentlemen.  I can’t thank you all enough for blogging and tweeting about the show to get the world to watch it.  I mean, the interweb is one super dandy invention.  Lets get the sap out of the way: i feel so supported and appreciated.  As you know, its never easy to put yourself out there and say, ‘hey guys will you watch my show’ and you all know the reason that i want you to watch is not only to enjoy it, of course, but people don’t watch then i don’t get to keep this amazing job.  So its not about the attention, i just want to keep doing this.  So thank you so much for facebooking and tweeting about the premiere.  So appreciated. 

This week rocked. I loved Candice and Cubert. They were absolutely 100% lovely, grateful and so fun to be around. I have such good memories of this week.  So lets break er down:

I’m in the process of getting first look photos together (my computer died and i lost mine so i’m getting them from the set photographer):

But here is the final look.  Let me break it down:

I knew they loved the combination of blues and brown (like in the towel they chose) but I wanted to modernize it a bit.  So i made it blues, ochres, taupes and lots of worn wood.  They liked the first look, they did, but you have to realize that Candace and Culbert and their amazing adorable daughter liked to read in bed a lot and that wood slab is far less comfortable than this soft tufted headboard.  Lets give some resources:

Paint color:  Benjamin Moore, Kensington Blue

Wallpaper:  Kremelife., pattern is painted gate. And i can’t believe that tag said  $195 a yard, its $195 a roll.  (or maybe $150, but certainly not by the yard)

Rug: West elm, Sheepskin rug, crazy comfortable.  We all deserve to step out onto this in the morning.

Bed: I went through an interior designer who has a local line of beds, her name is Lori Sarina and her web-site is  I think it retails for around $1200 for the full queen bed.  Which is wildly cheaper than its big box competitors.  Check her out. Tons of fabrics, 3 week turn around.  And lots of different styles and shapes.  (or you could just do headboard).

Sideboard:  HD Buttercup,   $595

Beautiful Painting:  by Danielle Walch.  Check her etsy shop here.  I’ve bought 3-4 from her and i love them. They retail for around $300 for a large painting (unframed).

Basket:  HD Buttercup, i think $95

Capiz shell chandelier:  $350 from Mix on La Brea in Los Angeles.  It’s an awesome store.  

Bedding:  Forget about it.  This bedding is amazing. For first look i used Garnet Hills, Eileen Fisher Washed linen duvet and for the second look i used her silk comforter line (ochre, although i think there is a new colorway now for fall, and then on the pillows, taupe).  This stuff is stupidly beautiful in person and so incredibly soft and luxurious.  I used to have the linen duvet and i washed it until it fell about, but only after 4 years.  Buy them here, 

Those incredible rustic sidetables:  from Big Daddy’s antiques.  I think i actually got them at their Rose Bowl booth, for $250 each, but they sell them out of their store for much more, too.  

Trunk:  flea market.

Bench: Long Beach flea market, $400.  

Pillows:  Ochre: Garnet Hill, Eileen Fisher.  Boat pillow:  Coral and Tusk, so so so so so so cute. 

Drapery:  linen purchased from fabric store for $9 a yard and then custom made, with blackout lining etc.  Then ikea sheers behind them.

That awesome credenza that you can’t really see:  HD Buttercup.  Its like the one i made for Joy and Bob except it actually came like this.  I think its like $700-$800

But old jug:  Pottery Barn $98

All photos taken and styled by Terilyn Fisher.  She’s awesome. Go check her out.  (she shoots the next two episodes too).

Must sleep. This is my 16th hour of working today. brain = done.  i haven’t checked my squarespace email in two days, i’m scared. And it was down for two weeks, so if i haven’t responded to you, i’m sorry.  I’m hoping life calms down after we stop shooting in mid-august.  i’ll get to all the intern stuff, soon, too.

but for now:  i love you.  and thank you so much for watching and reading. i wish we could all spoon together, whilst watching The Good Wife (which i finished last week on a plane…you guys have to watch that show).  Or while reading the hunger games, although i started the second one and so far i’m very ‘meh’.  

But spoon regardless.  


Emily V. 


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