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Emily takes Spain


While we’ve been here sweating in the LA heat, Em has been traipsing around Spain, unplugged, carefree and having the time of her life. Whenever she does get the occasional moment of WiFi, she’s been using it to post casual photos of the castle she’s calling home, or picture-perfect beach scenes. We think it’s safe to assume the entire Hendo family (baby included) is enjoying this much deserved family vacay. Don’t worry though, Emily will be back soon! We just hope she’ll have the willpower to board that plane back to reality. Until then lets all vicariously live through a few of her family vacation photos.


“Up for 37 hours straight, traveling for 18, dealing with Charlie wanting to ‘play’ from 2am – 5am, but we are here, awake and already feeling very removed and totally in vacation mode staying with our friends in an insane 13th century castle in the Costa Brava. Worth it.”


“Pretty pretty prettiness making me think about design for the first time in days.”



“We have very little internet, a lot of beaches and no idea what day it is. It’s just wonderful.”


“If bug hunting and stick collecting were a sport he’d be a prodigy. Also 14th century mountaintop tiny hotel = total peace.”

Come home soon Emily, we miss you!

Fin Mark


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I really hope that Emily will enjoy her stay in our country. The Costa Brava is really beautiful and I would recommend the area of Begur, which is really incredible. Sailing is a great option to explore this beautiful coast line. There are many options for daily sailing trips on most ports (Palamós, Port d’Aro). Also, I think that Charlie might enjoy visiting the Medas Islands. I wish you a lovely stay and I also hope that you can visit other parts of our country.


Oops! It’s “Emily takes Spain,” not “Emily’s takes Spain.”

SO jealous of her travels!

Where did you find the listing to book the castle? We’ve done AirBNB a lot but not many castles are posted on the site. I could just soak up the design there! I love how well Eurorpeans marry old world with modern!



I’ve stayed in some amazing places in that area with this company, There are beautiful castles, villas and just awesome houses. They aren’t cheap but with multiple families totally doable. 🙂

Nastassja Stanton-Brown

What lovely photos! So glad Emily and her family got to go on this much needed vacation.
Please please please do a post on ‘Places to go in Spain’… That would be so great!


Missing Hendo clan so much…Keeping fingers crossed that return flight goes more smoothly.


Wow, how lucky are they?! Please share the info for the hotels!

If anyone deserves a trip like this, it’s definitely Emily and the fam.
Hope they have a blast!

Josh | The Kentucky Gent


Cutest little pink trailer, love the table and chairs sitting around seems so European and lovely….what a wonderful vacation for a super sweet family.

What a wonderful vacation! I love the Costa Brava, visited there ages ago while in Barcelona. Still have find memories of Sitges. Take me back to Spain any day! Ps. I almost bought that Madewell cute top, too!

xo Anna of The Analog House

Hey, I do a fair amount of my living vicariously!

Hey Ginny and Brady. It’s nice to hear (or should I say read?) from you guys too.

Pics look amazing! Went to Costa Brava every summer during my childhood! Stunning place!

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