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Emily had a little lamb


hmmm. i shall call this the ‘i got to hold newborn lambs all weekend’ post. whatever could it be about, you wonder?  just the fact that I, Emily Henderson, styled a shoot on a sheep farm for four days in Pendleton Oregon where i could embrace baby lambs at my leisure.  We were shooting the Pendleton Woolen Mills catalogue so we went to one of the farms that they get a lot of their wool from.  let me be clear, Pendleton (the town) doth blow hard.  But the farm  and the company are rad, americana at its best,  full of the nicest people, a bunch of awesome peruvian sheep farmers, un-ironic western shirts, rodeo gear and rolling grass hills for forever (235, 000 acres) where sheep have pretty awesome lives.  if you worry about where your wool comes from, buy their products.  these sheep are happy happy happy. i saw them first hand.  They get sheared once a year (the ewes give up about 13 pounds of wool, the bucks 18lbs).  Its all totally sustainable, not sure if its organic, or what not, but the sheep really do have the lay of the lamb and roam wherever they want.


  This city slicker finds anything super authentic and americana extremely awesome, if not endearing;  the old wooden shovels, the chippy white painted fences, the sheep herding dogs that take serious pride in their ankle nipping abilities, the broken down, sun bleached sheds, the edison industrial lighting in the barns, etc. etc. If you ever wonder where John Derian and, well now, everyone gets their industrial vintage pieces, its places like Pendleton, Or.



These lambs were 2 DAYS old.  They were outrageously cute.  This guy (above) is Brian, the husband who is also the biggest animal lover I know.  He visited me over the weekend because I had already been gone for 2 weeks and i’m starting another job straight from here for a couple more weeks.




We watched the sun come up and go down most days.  It was super, super pretty.  I’m feeling a bit broke back right now.  not sure what that means.
oh and pendletonians are super super nice.  I’m not one of the city folk who gets annoyed with niceties (at least not quick niceties).  I relish in them-  the unnecessary conversations, the politeness to pure strangers, the genuine and honest food reccommendations from waitresses at restaurants.  i love it all.  I once did a shoot in Little Rock and i have to say after 3 days of being called ‘miss emily’ (by EVERYONE, randomly, there was no town meeting about it, i wore no name tag, it was as if it was my given name) i realized that i might actually prefer it and was disappointed when upon returning to LA people didn’t jump at the chance to address me as such.
yes. i like nice people.  unless they are in front in me in line making unnecessary convo with the teller.  or walking really slowly on the streets. or trying to give unsolicited advice about which shoes or clothes or jewerly i should buy in a store.  then miss emily gets a ‘lil’ bit peeved.

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