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Emily, Emily who are you wearing?

I know.  You are dying to know. America is shouting out…WHO. IS. SHE. WEARING?  

Who cares? you ask?  Well i have to admit that i like to know who or what people are wearing and into. Be it just for inspiration to find the vintage stuff that is more affordable.  

Orlando and I like to pretend there is paparazzi all the time following us.  We can barely get away from them.  We can hardly eat a sandwich, walk to our car or check out a library book without someone screaming, ‘Emily, Emily who are you wearing?’ (this has never happened) 

Just in case you are wondering (and just in case you work for one of these companies and want to send me stuff to wear cause i’m running out), here is a list of my go-to’s right now:

Emerson Made.  This jacket has made my life better:

I wear it 4-7 times a week, it goes with everything and while, yes, it isn’t cheap ($238) it has solved many a problem.  Absolutely worth the investment. 

Most of my shirts are vintage 70’s secretary, or Steven Alan (although i have to curb the plaid so i lay off those, only 1 a week these days).  

But my shoes? not so vintage – some boots, but all my platforms are new.  Lately here’s all i wear because they make me super tall AND i swear to god, they are absolutely comfortable. i’ve never been a big high heel girl, but i do love me some platforms:

Seychelles, incredibly comfortable considering they give me 7″:

I love them.  In general i’m a big feminine clothes/masculine shoes kinda girl and these are my new oxfords.  but real tall.  And when i wear charcoal tights they don’t cut off my leg at my ankle, instead make them look just uber long.

Also these bad boys:

Kork-Ease. Super comfy – like basically wearing flip flops, but WAAAYYY cuter.  I wear them with tights and shorts or with bell bottoms.  Couldn’t be happier. 

And my latest purchase which i wore on camera yesterday:

From Anthropologie.  Why yes, i am all seventies right now.  Oh and i forgot these from Free People:

I bought the camel color version, which is much cuter but i couldn’t find online.  But they are rad, comfortable and weigh like 5 pounds each.  

I feel like a bad ass with them on…. not that i’m not… i mean… i am… for sure….shut up. 

Also if i could wear Lauren Moffatt everyday i would.  The dress i borrowed for the Sfas commercials on hgtv was this one, which is love:

And don’t forget Ban-do.  Love them all, but this heart does it for me all the time. 

Anyway, that’s ‘who’ i’m wearing.  No please leave me alone, can’t a girl buy her pinkberry in peace?

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