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East Coast Waspy Vacation almost over.

I’m on vacation.  I’ve vacated the premises.  I’m officially phoning it in today and i’m kinda ok with it.  

Sunsets must be viewed.  This is the view of the sunset at Inn at Castle Hill in Newport where we had a really incredible dinner. No photoshop here, those be the actual colors of the sunset.  

Our vacation has included reading, kayaking, hanging out with Brian Von Henderson, biking and sleeping. All while on the East Coast kinda killing time between two required weekends in NYC.  It’s been incredibly nice and relaxing.  

Sometimes Brian stands in front of colorful boats whilst on vacation. 

I’ve narrowed down work to 3 hours a day for the last 4 days and I feel like a starved baby kitten after drinking a cup of milk.  

Totally revived.  

I read ‘Girl Gone’ in two days and have moved on to another thriller called ‘The Cut’, while mixing in a teen love story about a post-apocalytic society, called ‘Delirium’.  In this masterpiece Love is a disease that you have to get a vaccine for.  Isn’t that just terrible! LOVE, TREATED AS A DISEASE!!!!!

It’s totally stupid, i don’t care, maybe becasue i apparently was never vaccinated against the ‘bad taste’ disease, so what can you expect?

Bad taste, that’s what.  

But read Gone Girl.  The most addictive YET WELL WRITTEN book that i’ve read a while. I can’t wait to read her other books now. 

We’ve been catching up on ‘This American Life’ while on our road trip and we just listened to the one about one of the Guatemalan village that was destroyed by their govornment in 1982, which if you haven’t listened to it yet, get yourself to Itunes and download it.  Then prepare to be grateful that you live in this country and that you have a family.  

Also men wear pink here.  This is Brian coming back after trying to catch (and pet) the cottontail bunny rabbits that bounced around our inn’s grounds in Mystic, CT.  He’s angry because he loves bunnies so much. 

Ah, pretty mansions full of pretty people. And weird strangers taking photos in front of them whilst trespassing.  

And yes, we did get in trouble.  Multiple times. But cops can’t catch us because we are BMX bike racers and we watched RAD a lot as children.  Suckers. 

 In case you are wondering how to travel the world and you want some strange blog girl to tell you the answer:  Rent a bike. Get lost.  That is all.  

Sure, make sure you hit the major spots just in case you are missing something, but when you bike around you hit all 5 senses…fast.  When you walk it goes to slow, you don’t see enough, fast enough. When you drive you miss out on sounds, smells and the visceral feeling of the elements on your skin.  Plus you make it yours and find things that others don’t.  Its just the most fun way to see any country or city.  Says I. 

Newport was fun, sure, but once we got lost on the other islands (India street and other farmland) we had sooo much fun.  The Breakers are full of lines of tourists into every room. And sad to say but the Vanderbilts were the Kardashians of the industrial era.  The gross display of wealth is only awesome because it was done well by craftsmen.

But you walk in and want to scream, ‘I GET IT. OK. YOU WERE SOOOOO RICH’.  

The Elms Mansion is WAY better, classier, more elegant, less ‘In-your-face-rich-people’.  I’m not saying to skip the Breakers, i’m saying that expect to not necessarily love it because it’s gaudy as hell. 

I’m all over the place right now. I’m watching Project Runway and Suits while blogging because you know what? i’m on vacation.

Check back next week for quality posts from a full brain, brimming with styling tips and secrets to your future style happiness.  

 Meanwhile Brian is such a good ‘Big Cat’ breed.  Roar. 






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