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by Emily Henderson

I’m trolling for ‘Dude’ inspiration.  This is my fave so far:

Right?  Bachelor-y, but not entirely thoughtless.  I can’t exactly picture two dudes sitting in those insane chairs drinking a beer, though.  they aren’t so dude friendly.  

Dude?  sure. Its almost like i think all dudes like leather tufted things.  When i meet a new client i bring a ton of magazines and we go through them and tag anything they like.  Here’s what i’ve concluded:

80% of men want big leather sofas and exposed beam ceilings.  And they love ‘rustic’ anything.  I feel bad because they tag all these exposed beam ceilings but honey that’s an architects problem, not this stylist. But i like the consistency.

Those leather tufted slipper chairs are stupid.  just stupid.  i would sell my left pinky toe for them.  I’m not kidding.

YES.  Total Bachelor pizad.  And such a good one.  I think this was by Roman and Williams – those rad designers in New York.  Tell me if i’m wrong.  This one has been in my dude files for a long time, and is the inspiration for a house coming up – well ‘his’ layer of it anyway.

And while i’m not a big quote person, I like this one:

Via Busy being fabulous


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