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Dorm Room Round Up: Black & White

Here’s a not so sad fact about my life: I never got to decorate a freshman dorm room because I never lived in one. It’s not exactly one of my huge regrets in life, no, but do I wish I could go back in time and totally kill it design-wise in the dorm? Yes. Abby, a new lovely assistant, is fresh out of college and I figured she still had her finger on the dorm room style pulse, so I asked her to pull together some boards with products that are perfect for the dorm, but ones we would like whether we were 18 or 48.

So for today, go all black and white on your dorm room, folks.

Black and White Dorm Round Up


1. Dwell Studio Boxes $115. 2. iPhone Alarm Clock $40. 3.  Walnut Table Lamp $99.95. 4. Graphic Duvet $89. 5. Feather Throw Pillow $29.95. 6. Roller Skate Stop $130. 7.  Dot Rug $19.95.

Black and white Dorm Round Up Part 2

7. Kate Spade File Folders $15. 8. Vintage Camera Pencil Sharpener $16. 9. Large Striped Paper Clips $7.95. 10. Allover Shape Shower Curtain $39. 11. Mod Table Lamp $59.95. 12. Printed Rug $99. 13. Baggu Canvas Backpack $42.

Thanks, Abby! Now get to class.


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