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don't mean to brag, but…


I hope its not just because i’m tipsy, but i’m feeling pretty sentimental right now.  A preface:  I get super annoyed with people who brag about their jobs, especially via facebook, updates like ‘i feel so lucky right now to do what i do’.  It really gets under my skin, i just want to say, ‘oh.., so good for you, aren’t you just the luckiest little, cocky piece of sh*** rubbed in everyone else’s faces’.
Most people that know me know that I like what i do. and right now, i’m feeling it. major.




Why? because i’m working with some crazy talented people.  The art director, Maryalice Eckart, provides unlimited inspiration and energy, while the photographer (to be blogged about manana) captures it all.
It makes for a very interesting and challenging day.  i’ll post the pics when they come out. These are all  from Maryalices’ portfolio.  which is awesome.

And just to be clear, it’s not always like this.  There are some shoots where you aren’t given any inspiration, nor do they want your input and you end up feeling like a scherpa.  which would be fine except i’m not climbing everest,  really just dragging bags into the studio, unpacking and repacking and leaving the studio.  the view isn’t really as good,   nor is the air quality.



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