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Dollhousing in Round Top

I know i’m like 5 posts behind:  Saturdays episode’s post (Eclectic Artsy Odyssey), my HGTV’d episode story, my fashion week post and man i want to tell you all about my amazing Roundtop weekend.  But, I am slammed today with two new client presentations and crazy holiday guide stuff, so for now, you are going to get my top 5 things i purchased at the Round Top Antique fair. 

I’ve always wanted one of these.  But i don’t see them very often and when i do they are a really expensive.  But i splurged on this guy, $250, which i had NO business doing – but  i can rationalize anything.  Its just such a weird piece that can throw off any room, in a good way.  Brian is going to freak out, in a bad way.  

So that’s the only major piece i bought.  I promised myself that i wouldn’t buy anything that i couldn’t get in LA (except dollhouse furniture) and while these are around sometimes, i don’t see them very often.  

Dollhouse shelving unit.  I know. Its amazing.  $12. Which was a splurge i know, but right now my dollhouse has been looking pretty granny, so i need some MCM in my life.  

Kitchen accessories for the dollhouse.  I should have put a penny in there for scale, but they are all teeny tiny.  that towel with the heart on it kills me.  These were $2 each. And if you are thinking, ‘wow, your dollhouse challenge sure is going to add up’, you are correctamundo.  

There isn’t really any new dollhouse bathroom stuff out there, so i figured at least these were blue and porcelein and antique instead of the cheap wooden or plastic stuff from the 50’s and 60’s. Besides i have a brass bathtub and catherine malandrino fabric as wallpaper, so i think these are going to look dope.  

Oh, just another unnecessary, kinda expensive bar accessory.  Stupid purchase at $18….i don’t know…. you get the fever, you know? The ‘once in a lifetime i have to buy this now or i’ll regret it forever’, fever? And you picture yourself having people over, sitting this awesome opener on your bar cart and when your super stylish girlfriend asks for an opener for her Chimay you hand her this with confidence.  

So the dollhouse challenge is obviously progressing. We put together ours the other day, and when i say ‘day’ i mean from 9pm til 3am.  True dollhouse-ing hours for the hardcore dollhouse-er.


I haven’t done anything permanent yet, just playing around with where fabrics/wallpapers/ rooms are going to go. I knocked out some walls, but i have some lucite pillars coming in to divide the space on the ground floor, . And the stairs, etc aren’t in yet – looking for a spiral staircase.  

Check out that brass tile floor in the kitchen/dining…..yeah.

I’m so happy so many of you have joined.  So so so so so happy.  I need to figure this widget thing out and then you can click on it, upload  your pic, link to yourself if you want and everyone can see everyone progress. 

And here’s me in Round Top, with my new boyfriends:



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