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DIY wooden dowel Coatrack in Redbook

It’s another Redbook DIY today where we made a pretty adorable coatrack with some wooden dowels, paint and rope.  We saw this DIY and loved its simplicity and how sculptural it is. So we did our take on it and whipped this bad boy right up.



DIY Redbook_Coatrack_ Emily Henderson MidCentury Modern_ingredients

Items Needed:

Wood Poles: We purchased ours from Home Depot. They can be sourced for around 1.50 per foot and then you cut them down to the size you want. Each of our poles was 6ft in length.

Rope: You will use this to tie the legs together (you could also use, leather, wire, or some sort of decorative trim; whatever you like to hold it all together)

Spray Paint: We used metallic gold spray paint to paint the bottom foot of our poles to give it a fun look (you could also use a different shade of the color you paint the pole or even a different color metallic).

Paint: We used four different paint colors, one for each leg of the coatrack, but obviously it could all be the same color. We liked the idea of just white and gold, but it wasn’t going to pop off the page so we decided to paint it a color.

Painters Tape: You will use this to tape of the bottom of your legs when you spray paint them.


DIY Redbook_Coatrack_ Emily Henderson MidCentury Modern_painting

Step 1:

Paint each pole using the colors you have picked out for them. Once each of the poles dry then you can tape off the bottom foot of each pole and spray paint it with the gold.


DIY Redbook_Coatrack_ Emily Henderson MidCentury Modern_tying together

Step 2:

Wrap the poles together using the rope and then prop it up, spread the legs apart and you are good to go.

The one warning I will give is that this coatrack has a pretty big foot print, meaning that it’s not this vertical little thing you can shove in the corner. In order for it to function it has to be splayed out pretty wide, so just make sure you have the space for it.


*All photos by David Tsay with Styling by Scott Horne, art direction by Me. All those clothing/purse accessories are from Target. 

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9 years ago

i read this last night and you know. i really do want to make this one, it’d be perfect to have in the corner of the bedroom and be able to put it away when we don’t need it!

9 years ago

What a great and easy project!

9 years ago

Is that console table vintage? It’s SO pretty.

9 years ago

It’s pretty hard to refuse a project as cute, easy, and affordable as this one. The only shame is that it will practically be hidden once I migrate our 70 coats (almost all of them my husband’s–the man has an INSANE coat collection) onto it. But then I can reclaim the living room chair where the coats are currently piled. I thought a raccoon had started nesting in there the other day, but luckily it only turned out to be my chihuahua. Dear coat rack, thanks in advance for taking one for the team!

9 years ago

Love this, and with some cute fabric wrapped around it, would also make a great tepee for little ones to play in!

9 years ago

Where is the console table from? I’ve been looking for something just like it!

9 years ago

Will you please share the source for the rug? I just see a small bit, but I love the colors. This definitely seems like a doable project…no power tools! Thanks.

9 years ago

This is amazing! Love it!

9 years ago

I think its great. I also have a DIY coat rack made from a large tree branch. The biggest issue with coat racks are if they are sturdy enough to properly hold coats.

Kristin Hood
9 years ago

This is my fave Redbook DIY so far. Nice job!

Echoing a couple of other readers above, I’d also like to know where you sourced that great console table. It’s the perfect combo of sleek and practical (i.e., something I could hide all my junk mail in rather than pile it on top of). Please share!

Vanessa Akakpo
9 years ago

Well done! Very nice, stylisj snd practical diy. May I ask where is the console from? Thanks

9 years ago

Niiiiice! Love this!

9 years ago

First of all, I love how EASY you made this look to create. It turns out so professional looking, yet it really doesn’t look too hard! MY kind of diy right there, girl. 😉 I’m definitely going to have to try this. Pinning it for safe keeping! 😉

xo Melyssa
The Nectar Collective

9 years ago

Wow. That is really good and simple way to make a coat rack! the steps are really easy to follow! I’ll have to have a go at making that!


9 years ago

All these D.I.Y. ideas you whip up make me think you shouldn’t just be showcasing how to use Target’s decor products – but actually DESIGNING a line of your own creations for Target!

9 years ago

Emily, could you also share the colors you chose for these? I love the combo, but really REALLY love that mid-tone blue/gray. Thanks!

nina bond
9 years ago

Beautiful!! I tried to do this to make my own camera tripod and it didn’t work. Everytime I splayed the legs they went all wonky and all over the place. I guess I need 4 legs or I need to tie the rope tighter. I was thinking this would look cute in my bathroom for handing towels and maybe a robe. Not sure how else to style it because basically yours looks so good becasue of the way you styled it. Just towels hanging on there would be lame looking

9 years ago

This is one of the latest and coolest diy projects I really loved and I’m so inspired to try it. Love the end result. LOVE!