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DIY Towel Ladder in Redbook

I have a thing for ladders. Not ‘standing on ladders’ but instead ‘looking at ladders’ and ‘hanging things on’ ladders. I feel like there is always a narrow vertical space in a house that needs to be filled with something shallow – either a really tall piece of art or … a ladder.

So we made this one with just rope, wood and a little bit of paint. We styled it to be like your outdoor shower house … you know …. by your lagoon like pool. If it had been for a winter issue we would have styled it with blankets and put it in a living room or bedroom. And last option, friends, is to put it in a reading nook with magazines over it (although i’d recommend a round dowel).  Other options to think about: you can do a really, really long one, play with the lengths and widths of the wood, you could put brass or copper sheeting at the end (that was our original plan but the paint was more approachable).

The uses of a vintage wood ladder – or in this case your very own rope and wood dowel ladder is pretty much endless. Put a ladder on it.

*photos by David Tsay, Styling by me and Scott Horne and project assisted by Stephanie Todaro

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