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Did i hear something about a Design Challenge?

Have you ever wanted to wallpaper your cat (don’t, i tried, unsuccesfully) or gold leaf your blankey (weird, but could be amazing…although the fact you have a ‘blankey’ is questionable)?

Regardless, now is your chance, my friends, to finish that crazy home project that you keep putting off because you are too ‘busy’ or ‘constantly watching the reality tv’ or ‘not-goal oriented’.  I think i’m a combination of the first two, so, I was talking to my new friends,  Sherry and John from, Joey and Lana from, and Katie and Jeremy and someone had the genius idea of throwing down an official Pinterest challenge; a design challenge to force ourselves to finish a project that we promise ourselves we will, inspired by a pinterest picture.

 Ah, look at those lovely ladies (and watch that video, written by Sherry and Katie, who are ridiculously adorable and hilarious…and don’t forget to watch the bloopers at the end).  

Here’s the challenge, if you choose to accept it (which i did): choose a picture on pinterest that inspires you do to something to your home to improve it.  It could be as small as decopaugeing a doorknob (seriously don’t recommend it) to turning your closet into a guest bedroom (I did and they complained of ‘clausterphobia’…pussies) – as long as it has to do home design/decor and it can be done within the week.  The four of us are doing it and while there isn’t necessarily a winner, the idea is that we are actually forced to finish something.  I’m pretty sure i’m the worst when it comes to this, but now that its public, it will be done.

I, Emily Von Henderson, will finish a project by next tuesday, 8/2, at 7am pst.  I will share it with you, whether its effing amazing or totally embarrassing.  I am at the mercy of this deadline and won’t eat or sleep until its done.  I will however shoot a makeover show, write a blog and cuddle with bearcat, so if i can do it, so can you.  just saying.  this is a lot of underlining and bold type, but i’m feeling it. 

Now, its your turn.  Join in on the challenge, comment, link your blogs in the comments and challenge yourself to actually finish the project by next week.  Mine will involve 30 pounds of vintage brass chain that i got at an architectural salvage store that I have been hoarding (playing with, sometimes spooning) for a couple years now, you know, as you do….  I’ve got some ideas, but i’m not exactly a welder, so we’ll see.

I’ll give clues on twitter and facebook throughout the week as to what it is and how its going, so follow me on twitter and ‘like’ ‘secrets from a stylist’ on facebook (not the emily henderson fanpage, that’s kinda inactive….because i can’t do ‘fanpage’).  And retweet this post, we want to see how many people we can get to actually get something done. Besides finishing the RHONY series, that doesn’t count. I’ll tell you how it ends:  they all basically suck.

And in case you think the Pinterest family has paid us, the answer is ‘nope’, they had nothing to do with it.  Just good old fashioned inspiration, now known as ‘pinspiration’….which reminds me a bit too much of that thing one does (not me, please…gross) when you work out… but if ‘that’ happens too, then good on you.  But please shower before posting.  

Good luck my friends…..i’ll be thinking/tweeting/facebooking/myspacing/and friendstering about you all week….

I will not, however, be ‘linking you in’. because i still don’t get it. and don’t want to. 

Bring it on.  And yes, i’m feeling the pressure….

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