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Desperately seeking Interns

It’s time. I need some consistent help on admin and photo shoots. We are busy over here and getting busier. While expanding and training someone can be scary, the pile of receipts on my desk is scarier.

The amazing Orlando and I lost the wonderful Bonnie last week; not actually lost, that would have been tragic, I mean just look at her:

She would be so sad, wondering the streets of LA yelling our names until she gave up and just whispered them. But instead she has moved. It is VERY sad. Like when Wicked lost the Tony to Avenue Q kinda sad. Or when they cancelled Veronica Mars before really concluding three mysteries kinda sad, although that was more criminal. At first shock, then just pain and sadness. Hopelessness, even.

She was an intern that turned quickly into a paid assistant, and she made me realize how much I needed (and continue to need) the right kind of help. She is now off to San Francisco to work for Google, because that’s what happens when you work at Emily Henderson Designs; companies like Google come and poach you. I mean as if you want to work at Google!! That crappy company that clearly doesn’t do anything creative, innovative, or interesting, and they treat their employees like crap. Plus, they are going bankrupt any day. Except opposite all of that. It’s pretty much one of the best companies in one the best cities (San Francisco), so I can’t help but be supportive.

But moving on, forgetting about that Bonnie and her new fancy pants job in a city where you don’t have to drive, Here’s what we are looking for back in LA:

1. Knowledge of Excel, Photoshop, and pretty much all Mac programs. Anything new and fancy they are teaching these kids in school. Social media stuff? Great. If you know how to code stuff? Amazing, although not necessary. List all these skills because I assure you I’m bad at all these things so they are pretty important and will make you an asset.

2. A Love of design and style. If you don’t like shopping, then it’s not the right fit. You’ll just be bored and that’s no good for anyone.

This internship is 20 – 25 hours for now. I’d be sooo happy to give college credit. It starts immediately, but I’ll wait til Monday to set up interviews so you have until then to pull stuff together.

So please send all your resumes to emilyhenderson – at –

Oh, and please just cut and paste your resume into the body of the email that way I don’t have a ton of open docs on my computer and I can speed read at the beginning. You can attach it as well (because I know it’s a bummer to lose the pretty stuff when you screen grab). Include anything that is relevant to design and style. Any random skills. Link your blog, Instagram, Twitter feed, Pinterest … gimme it all.

If you are an interior design student, send me what your style is as well as the renderings you did/do in college because those don’t really tell me much. Create a mood-board of your dream room or anything that shows me where you want to go.

If you want to be part of the blog, then maybe a sample post? As of now I still write almost every post, and I may forever, but having that option is great. Also you’ll be emailing on behalf of me so a similar “vibe” is always good.

Think outside the box and beyond the resume. It’s not that I’m looking for a huge audition and for you to waste hours on this, but often just a resume doesn’t show how truly creative and interesting you are. I don’t want you bummed that you didn’t get the job because we didn’t really see you.

If you are wondering what to expect, please read this post I wrote about how to get and keep an entry level creative (or any) job. If this seems demanding and hardcore, then you probably aren’t the right fit. If this sounds super fun and exactly what you’d expect from a start-up creative company, then PLEASE apply.

While your duties will be annoying at times (unloading props from the flea market, packing up props, unpacking props, taping receipts, keeping the office organized, running around LA, doing returns, getting coffee, coordinating furniture), it is also full of fun online or flea market shopping, helping me organize and style shoots, planning the blog, petting the bear, crafting, creating DIYs, etc.

Plus, you’ll probably do this a lot:


Laugh and sip coffee in oh-so-hip coffee shop in Los Feliz. I’m sure a celebrity was close by, too. Probably someone really cool like Michael Cera or Zooey Deschanel doing something so normal. Oh stars, they really are just like us. It’s pretty much like an episode of The Office every day here. Or maybe more like Workaholics meets Friends but drunk on style and Pinterest all day long.

BYE, BYE, BONNIE!  You are already very missed.

Single tear … 🙂



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